Blogging for a hobby (or more?)

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The above family circus clip was given to me by my hubby’s grandparents. Let me tell you it had me laughing! Did you notice the mommy has four kids? What a statement!

Blogging is MY hobby for now!  I have felt blessed by blogging and meeting other people. I love receiving inspiration, learning new tips, finding other moms/teachers, entering giveaways. What more could I ask for!?!

I was blessed to have been informed the other day that I had won two giveaways (two in one day!), GOD is good! I was also asked to be part of something as well that I can’t wait to share with you (my first review) next Wednesday. I have been thinking about a lot of things I would like to do with this blog and that includes:

- do my first giveaway and help my best friend out by sending out some of her products.

- do reviews for free products/compensation

- occasional inteviews/features with some of the bloggers I follow

-follow MORE people and continue to be inspired.

What do you think? What do you like to read about? What do you do with your blog that has helped you enjoy it more? What has been a hassle? Any tips?!?

Thanks for reading and your opinions.

Rachel xo
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Life lately

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My twins Elizabeth and Max turned 11 months today! Wow! I am  so blessed to have them as my babies and it’s hard to believe they will be a year old this time next month. Elizabeth currently crawls and stands up and cruises everything, Maxdoes all of these but is starting to take 3 to 4 steps before falling, but only if he is coaxed to walk towards an adult. They eat everything (food wise) you put in front of them.



Alexander turns 2 on the 30th of this month and we celebrate with a party next Saturday at a local park with friends and family. Hard to believe my baby is growing up! I am SO blessed to be Xander’s mommy!


Helicopter Egg hunt drop:



Snagged this triple stroller on craigslist for $100 around this time last year and boy is it a lifesaver.


Helicopter about to drop the eggs


My brother with Nevaeh, awaiting the helicopter.


Xander picking up eggs and placing in his bag. (I would have brought their Easter baskets but I didn’t want to keep up with all of them in a crowded place, a baggie is just easier to handle).

Can’t get enough of parks EVERYDAY we get the chance. A new park is being built a few streets down and we are THRILLED!




Linking up with Anna and Kimberly for their link-up Currently Loving. Hop on over and check it out for yourself and meet new friends.
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My mans shirt

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Button up shirt: Drill clothing co. (Men’s shirt)//Top:Faded Glory (Christmas gift)//Leggings:Old Navy//Belt:unknown brand thrifted at Goodwill for $1.

This purple button up is actually my hubby’s; however it is too small on him and he just received it as a gift from his folks on clearance at Sears. I am linking up with Jacqueline and Elle for the weekly spotlight to bring you this weeks theme of menswear inspiration. And with The Pleated Poppy

I choose to wear this button up with an undershirt, leggings, faux leather snake skin belt and flats (although these are not pictured) for a comfortable casual look.

How would you style menswear or a button up shirt?

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Striped tee over a floral maxi dress

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DSC00443 DSC00444 DSC00449

Striped tee: Pinc (thrifted at Goodwill for $4.49)//Maxi dress: Old Navy (somewhat old from this past summer on clearance)//Necklace: Rue 21 (gift $2)//Earrings: Rue 21 (gift $2)//Thong Sandals: Old Navy (old, thrifted from Goodwill years ago)//Lipstick: Avon(Sparkling Warm Rose)//Nail Polish: NYC (258 Prospect Park Pink).

This past weekend made for the perfect time for change and new things.  First off I grabbed my Sony Cyber-shot digital still camera and had my hubby go at it with some pictures as you see above for this post on my striped tee over a floral fun maxi dress. I didn’t intend on wearing the tee all day, but the weather stayed the same for most of the day (breezy, not to hot, not to cold, just perfect).

Second, we bought our first lawn mower, perennial flowers, and azalea bushes. My hubby is more of the landscaping goo-roo so when he asked me to pick out flowers I drew a blank. I had no clue what flowers I wanted or what would look good and then he said “you are good at thinking up ideas for interior designing and clothes you should be able to pick out flowers” I was like “yeah right” and then a minute later I grabbed some flowers and stated “the color of these will make the azaleas pop with color.” and he smiled and said “there you go see I knew you could compare them to fashion.” My hubby is to cute!

He took some photos of me with my iphone at Lowes while picking out flowers:

10253744_10100812135840373_6590491146790019529_n 10156119_10100812135860333_3320230659659135960_n 10258435_10100812135865323_2531248988988947143_n

Third, I don’t know if you have noticed but I have kept my hair straight and worn make up for a full week and more now. Say what! It’s been 9 days. I feel good and I am happy. Change is good even if it was started 9 days ago. I go to the store now and actually desire to buy the make up on clearance but then I don’t because I should use up what I have first, plus I need more statement jewelry then make-up anyhow.

Fourth, we got a secondary vehicle, 2000 Nissan Quest minivan and a new roof put on our house. Thank God for tax returns!

God is just SO GOOD! I will need to share a post coming up of the weekend (pictures) and cute photos of the babies with the camera I started using.

What are some new changes in your life currently?

Here are some pictures for how I have styled the maxi dress and striped tee in the past:


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My own marble jar #totalbettysociety

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A few months back I filled you in on how I rewarded my two older kids (age 5 and 23 months) with marbles in a jar for good behavior to earn a reward once their marble jars were full. Read about it here.  Until recently I had a hard time completing or procrastinating on tasks I needed to fulfill.

Here is a list of what I need to improve on give myself marbles for already:

-Calling or e-mailing people back

-Setting up appointments or calling people

-Reading my Bible daily

-complete steps towards my teacher recertification (currently working on CPR/First Aid/AED trainings online).

- balancing the check book daily

-planning my 23 month old son’s 2 year old Birthday party at the end of this month YIKES!

Things I should give myself a marble for and work on but haven’t yet:

-eating healthier


My reward that I am working towards is any item of jewelry from Total Betty Society. When you sign up to become a member with them you automatically get a $10 credit to use towards your first purchase. I still have my credit and you can use it on top of discounts. I get discount notifications by e-mail. So I am thrilled and can’t wait to shop (especially for a necklace).

I also read my bible more, know where we are financially speaking and I just feel good all around. I just fill happier, more fulfilled and accomplished.  Who knew that what I implement with my children could give the same affect with me. I encourage you to think of ways of rewarding yourself for actions or behaviors you dislike or have a hard time completing.

What do you think?

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What I wore Wednesday

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I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy today for her link up “What I wore Wednesday.” (See icon at the bottom of post) I choose two outfits for this post and after wearing them thought up new ways to style them for the future. I just stuck with the basics for these two outfits though, nothing special about them (in my opinion). This is just what I wore this week (Monday, Tuesday and Today). Let’s start with todays.

Outfit 1- Blue on denim and a few pops of red.

10247322_10100809630012073_3785325723574985892_n 1554395_10100809630007083_1831496437518807656_n

I LOOOOVE flip flops. I went to the local library today in this outfit.  This is the first time this purse has hit public (it’s been in my closet since high school or before). My hubby likes it and I actually love it now.

Top: Faded Glory (Christmas gift)//Jeans: Motherhood maternity (old)//Shoulder bag: Phillippe (vintage)//Flip flops: Old navy//Earrings: forget where I got them//Bead bracelet: Christmas gift.


Outfit 2- Black and White pattern mix with a hint of brown.

Shirt: New Design (gift from a clothing swap)//Leggings: Old Navy//Flats: Quicksilver (gift from one of my sisters)//Sweater cardigan:Mark by Avon (gift from my Avon consultant and best friend Kendall)//Tree necklace: unknown brand (gift)//Black beaded necklace: unknown brand, I think I got it from Charlotte Russe many years ago.

Golly I feel awful for the poor quality of my photos, it was a rainy day and my camera is my iphone which is depressing.  I would love to take a photography class next year (hopefully) as an excuse to get a camera, tripod and learn the basics.

Outfit 3- Pink and White striped tee, a belt and jeans.


I can’t wait to style this striped tee in different ways. I have one in mind that I tried and loved. But I will show you that in a later post.

Rachel xo

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Currently loving and mommy confessions

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I linked up with Anna and Amber today to let you in on my recent loves in life.  The link up is called Currently Loving. I encourage you to stop by their blogs and link-up or just see what they love and give some love.

I will begin with some lovely accessories/clothing. I love this earring and necklace set here that my sister Rebekah got for me as a Christmas gift from Rue 21 ($2 each). The pink is not only stunning but truly beautiful.  If you will note these were taken before my recent haircut and make-up wearing days.

1240374_10100808331349603_7640115958019061529_n 10173742_10100808331354593_9135093186909349766_n 10173742_10100808331339623_4974437323004326271_n

10014552_10100808331344613_8683102668198519890_n  10152475_10100808332252793_8192897190220903821_n

Top: Ebony eyes (gift)//Pants: 1st Kiss (thrifted at Goodwill $5)//Thonged Sandalls: Charlotte Russe (thrifted from Goodwill old)//Earrings: Rue 21 ($2)//Necklace: Rue 21 ($2).

I am SO thankful and in love with my first Forever 21 shirt and Lia Sophia necklace sent to me from Becky.  I wore these two pieces for family photos Sunday, I love them so much.  We don’t have a Forever 21 store where I live and every Lia Sophia party I get invited too I turn down because a). no extra money b). no babysitting provided even if I am interested in attending.  So I was thrilled to receive these.

10009139_10100808332247803_2438984248304246888_n 1604490_10100808332257783_1950402594764202390_n

I recently loved visiting the new park in our town with the kids, my hubby and brother Jonathan.

923559_10100805959647513_1400086038_n 1013571_10100805959622563_1237257243_n 1512409_10100805959637533_497608500_n 10175989_10100805959617573_820039753_n 10152028_10100805956518783_40259997_n 10176163_10100805959642523_462681390_n

What are you loving?

Now, I will get down to business and be honest with you and tell you that although I would love to blog more often and meet the goals I had made here in this post,  I am finding it is difficult. Just in the last week my kids have been getting to bed later and since nights are clean up and tidy thingstime it leaves me little time for “me” time which does stress me out.  I like using my blog as a way to be creative, social and present things I love and care about. I love connecting to other people, because let’s face it I rarely connect outside of my home with so many kids. My blog is an outlet but I shouldn’t make it my priority. There I said it! I sometimes get frustrated or upset that the kids aren’t going to sleep and that I can’t get on and blog or comment on people’s blogs. I recently read a post by Blaire (a mommy and blogger) here that captures just a bit more of how I feel about blogging, parenting, she nailed it, so go and read what she has to say as well.




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Mix-it pumpkin colored pants

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This past weekend was fun, and relaxing! Family photos were taken by my cousin Taylor and I can’t wait to view them and show them to you and on all social medias. Hubby and I had a much needed date night, and saw Divergent (a great movie) and I got a hair cut and bought a hair straightener and make-up (read my last post on all of that) and scroll down to the bottom of this post to see my new hair cut, make-up, straightened hair.

I am in LOVE with my pumpkin spice colored J.Crew pants and can’t get enough of them whether on cold days or warm days.  These photos are a few weeks old. Enjoy!


1621967_10100805558800813_1128891578_n  1962836_10100802885128873_1749411070_n 10006606_10100805558825763_833766911_n969978_10100805558840733_224535861_n

First Outfit photo(s): J.Crew pants $3 brand new with tags at Goodwill//Blouse a gift from a friend, New Direction//Flip-flops Old Navy (Old)//Braceletts: yard sale finds.

Second Outfit photo: same J. Crew pants//Floral shirt: Old Navy (gift from a friend, old)//Flip-flops same from first outfit//Earrings and Necklace: Rue 21 ($2 each).

Third Outfit photo: same J.Crew pants rolled up leg bottoms//Sleeveless tee- Quicksilver (old from Tj Maxx)//Flip-flops Old Navy (old)//Coral Necklace: gift.

Now for my photos where I reveal my straight hair/curly hair with my new hair cut and make-up.


Make-up on and curly hair:



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I did the unthinkable! I bought Beauty products

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This coming Sunday my cousin will be doing our outdoor family photo shoot for the spring and summer season. Before every photo shoot I like to get my hair cut or highlights.  This time I went all out and not only got a haircut but bought Beauty Products. Crazy! I posted this on facebook and am going to get blasts on my feed from my crazed make up fan friends congratulating me, because I am just not a make- up kind of girl (unless its for special events or photo shoots). My blogging bud Amber may even do the same but she’s an inspiration for make up.

This post is not a compensated or free product review post but based on what I have recently bought or gotten as gifts.  I will interject my loves or disappointments and comments throughout the post. If you don’t care about the products and just want to see what my hair looks like straight and what I look like with make-up on then scroll to the bottom of the post.

I will start in order of how I do things:

First I shower and use Sauve shampoo (Rosemary &Mint flavor) rinse and then use TRESemme conditioner (Flawless Curls).  I LOVE both of these (they were a Christmas gift from my hubby’s grandmother). *Normally I buy Garnier products for my hair but since we got loads of shampoo and conditioner for Christmas we are full on products on hair for now.


Second: Heating hair proctective spray Beyond the Zone ($7.29 at Sally’s Beauty) and GVP ionic ceramic hair iron ($44.99 at Sally’s Beauty). I was satisfied with the spray, it smelled good and left my hair shiny as I straightened my hair.  I HATED the straightener! I have a $20 Wal-Mart bought Con-air that is super old and works better than this $45 dollar junk. I am also mad because I told the sales lady that I wanted Titanium straighteners and she told me my hair stylist was wrong and that I needed ceramic and when I told her no she still sold this to me because “it was in my price range” after I told her I wanted Titanium based straighteners. I am taking it back for another straightener tomorrow or refund.


Third: Foudation.  I got the Mary Kay foundation for free from Blue Ridge Women’s center a few months back and found it was a bit dark on me (Ivory 200) and so Rimmel 120 ivory is just my color. I just recently learned there are different types of Ivory.  Where have I been? living under a rock?


Fourth: Blush. I LOVED using my new Maybelline New York Dream Bouncy blush ($2.50 on clearance at Kroger normally $7).  It had the right color of pink for my cheeks.  The next two items up from the Bouncy blush are “be blushed” from Avon and Mary Kay (beige 1 powdered blush). I received both of these for free from the Blue Ridge womens center and believe they are ok a bit darker than I would like.


Fifth: Eye products.

Recently I attended a Mary Kay beauty sampling with my sister-in-law Jasmine who is a consultant and I approached her with lots of questions. I told her my eyes hurt wearing any kind of eye make-up but that I would like to. I made a silly comment about having the same make up for more than 5 years and she right there told me that was my problem.  I didn’t know make up got bacteria in them after so many months of use and I didn’t know to replace my make-up every 3 to 4 months. I laughed and told her I didn’t know if I could afford it.

I LOVE all of these! I found this Maybelline New York Great Lash mascara for $4.99 and had a $2 off coupon so it was only$2.99 at my local Kroger grocery store. The two Revlon eye shadows (Periwinkle & Satin)were on clearance for .75 cents each and the Mary Kay eye pencil/liner is still old but almost gone and probably the only eye makeup item I have ever been satisfied with.


Sixth: Lip products.

The Avon sparkling warm rose lip stick was a Christmas gift from my best friend and Avon consultant Kendall. I wore it today and liked it, I don’t wear it enough.  The Mary Kay “Berry Sparkle” is a bit old and from a different season in Mary Kay sales but it is still shimmery and pretty.  My ULTIMATE favorite lip gloss is my Michael Kors Just Hollywood on your right.  It has perfume connected to the other end but I removed that so my 5 year old girl would stop putting on the lip gloss and feel the need to put the perfume on haha!



What do you think?  I straightened my hair, wore Periwinkle eyeshadow, used my new mascara, old eyeliner pencil, Rimmel foundation, new blush and Avon lipstick.

1606900_10100805464005783_844305504_n 1625665_10100805464195403_50263507_n

Not to mention I got a free tote bag at Sally’s Beauty for spending over a certain dollar amount.  Isn’t it cute!?! Also a BIG HUGE shout out to my blogging friend Becky for the cute shirt and scarf pictured here and for all the other items she mailed me this week.  God is good and I am so thankful for you everyday! Thank you for blessing me.  You will see more items on me from her in the future.

The picture below is an after shot of the Mary Kay beauty sampling a month ago. My sister-in-law is a consultant so if you know anyone needing actual beauty tips or Mary Kay products than let me know and I can give you her e-mail address.


Thanks for reading! Rachel xo

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Michael Kors accessories and memories

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memories behind the accesories

I know, I know I seem to be going down memory lane this week. Read the last post here to understand my statement.

I have had in my head for days now the idea to share with you my closet/make up bag favorites and to tell you the truth nothing gives me more pleasure than the Michael Kors items I own and the story behind each one. I will pose a question at the end of my blog but real quick here is what each item means to me (once again all are Michael Kors/ and some MK glasses are not pictured since they broke but we will pretend they are exhibited).
1). MK monogrammed purse- given to me by my mom on my graduation day from Radford University before receiving my undergrad diploma. From TJ Maxx.

2). Michael Kors purse- a wedding gift from my cousin Kathleen from NY (here hubby got it from MK’s personnel NY studio for a steal price since it was a showcase type item).

3). Michael Michael Kors flats (color- Chamois in design Vintage Rose). An I love you gift from my mom on a family trip to Williamsburg, VA. Even though they were from a MK outlet store originally $70, they were marked down to $20. My family had no extra spending money but hey she couldn’t resist making me feel lOved.

4).MK Hollywood Lip gloss/perfume combo- given to me by a friend from church (Shauna) from her hometown as a way of lOving me and thinking of me.
5). (not pictured) Black MK sunglasses from TJ Maxx bought from a fellow Radford University CRU bible study peer (Theresa) who knew I loved MK and just wanted to bless me. Came back from my hometown one weekend to find them sitting on my desk in the house by the college that I lived at.
6). MK towel (from TJ Maxx) given to me from a guy that I was seeing before my hubby- but that isn’t what makes it special. What does make it special is taking only that towel to the pool/lake or beach.

My question to you is what item(s) hold memories for you?
Leave a comment and I will be sure to enjoy your responses. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Let me know if you have any further questions.
Rachel xo
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