Melancholy Friday

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Today I was up and down about it being Friday.  I mean the ups of the day included getting to workout with a new workout dvd (thanks for the suggestions in the last post); and my son Xander said several phrases.

The downs included money being tight after bills and actual time to myself. Normally time to myself would make me feel thrilled but somehow as I sat alone in Barnes & Noble looking through Nylon and Harpers Bazaar magazine I just felt awful.  Before I lost my job teaching two years ago I would go sit in that same Barnes & Noble and throw a pity party over how rough teaching was and how I didn’t feel it was for me full time (I had other personal issues too, was pregnant with Xander and had some depression) so I guess all of those feelings came back to me and HARD.  There were moments I wanted to cry today over my past with teaching full time and there were moments I just wished things had been different.  I don’t consider myself a good teacher or people person and I have confidence issues. These are things I know the enemy (satan) wants to use against me and so several times today I had to just pray and let God know how I truly felt.  That being said let me shed some truth.

Truth, God loves me in my good and bad days.  He wants me to come to Him angry, happy and sad.  He loves ugly and beautiful, people who are confident and not confident.  Truth, maybe He had other plans for my life beyond teaching and the horrible things I went through.  Truth, He is a good God!  I don’t know your beliefs but I know mine and My God has been there for me today and everyday so I know he can turn my melancholy moments of this Friday to JOY!  So with that said- He gave this Friday a beautiful sunny warm day and gave me His sons life for my salvation and that is joyful enough for me.

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Wearing: Top: Tempted Hearts (gift)// Belt: Michael Kors//Leggings: Old Navy// Sunglasses: Target(old)//Sandals: Old Navy (old)//Earrings: Charlotte Russe (old).

Oh and another joy: Xander turned 21 months yesterday:


Have a safe and happy weekend!

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6 thoughts on “Melancholy Friday

  1. Rachel, this post is so lovely. Honestly, I’ve been feeling those same icky feelings lately, as I am in this weird and awkward stage right now. You’re right, all we need to remind ourselves is the love poured over our lives and the life we get to receive with Him. Thank you for that sweet reminder! xo

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