Bon Voyage! DIY bottle cork boats (for decor/play)

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When I saw a picture of DIY bottle cork boats in our recent issue of Family Fun magazine (March 2014 issue) I knew I needed to try it/adapt it myself. I had been looking for a way to use bottle corks in DIY yourself projects (mainly for décor purposes) but this project works for children’s play/boat racing in water as well.

To get started you need the following items: (I adapted the original items to what I had on hand)


-A hot glue gun

– Toothpick (even though the magazine said a coffee stirrer but both work)

– Triangle cut out from paper (I used a checkered pattern from a gift bag because I liked it- although the magazine recommended milk or juice carton triangle cutout).

-Two bottle corks


– Writing utensil to mark triangle outline (optional)

First, take the two corks and toothpick and glue the toothpick in-between the corks. I glued in-between top and bottom to be sure the toothpick and corks had a stronger hold.


Second draw an outline of a triangle on whatever paper or carton you use and cut this out:

1962608_10100757014139703_933428774_n 1891179_10100757014124733_581168781_n

After the triangle is cutout glue the triangle onto the toothpick and hold in place for a few seconds.

1891273_10100757014134713_1238561492_n 1780880_10100757014708563_1198843897_n

Viola! You have a boat! It goes great as a home décor piece or functions/floats in a tub or tub of water so you could choose to have your kids/or anyone do a boat race.

1925170_10100757014688603_1168424415_n 1932331_10100757014693593_182670408_n 1620936_10100757014698583_779041188_n

Have fun! Let me know what you think below! What would you do with boats like these?

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