I bet you have your hands full?

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The question I am asked a million times- I bet you have your hands full? Is starting to get old but really hit me hard today.  Sometimes I cannot believe I am even a “mama” or “mommy” let alone to 4.  Max and Elizabeth are twins (obviously) and  9 months old, Alexander “Xander” is 21 months and Nevaeh 5. How do I do it? (another question I am asked a lot). Well read on.

As Friday’s roll around and my hubby gets paid we have nothing.  After bills, diapers, wipes, food, gas- we have hardly anything.  I am being real here in saying that sometimes we appreciate it when family members give us extra food, clothing for the kids and diapers.  I don’t know where we would be without support sometimes. When tax refunds come each year that’s what we use for another vehicle or house fixings or to pay future house tax payments. But one thing is for sure and that is God is good and at least we have a house, food, no DEBT, A vehicle, a church family and friends/family. Thank you Becky for a glimpse to this reminder. (check out her blog post to get at what I am telling you).  God has always provided so why do I doubt God’s provisions on Friday?  Why  do I trust Him on other days to provide?

I bet you have your hands full could be true- yes with childcare and keeping up with appointments, which child got a diaper change or not; but its more about I have my hands and heart full of love and needing God everyday to keep me full.  He alone provides! That is how I do it!

What the children are wearing in these photos are hand-me-downs or gifts (read up on these below) click each photo above to view it in a large format or you can view them on instagram. If you are not a follower of mine on instagram then click here and I will follow you back! Thanks!
Outfits by order of children in photos:
Elizabeth is wearing: Jacket: Milly (gift)//Shirt: Carter’s (gift)// Leggings: Baby Gap (gift)// Shoes: Ministar.
Max is wearing: Jacket: Old Navy (hand-me-down)//Shirt: Carter’s (hand-me-down)// Pants: Baby Togs (hand-me-down)// Socks: Carters (gift).
Xander is wearing: Shirt and Pants: Old Navy (hand-me-downs)// Beanie: Child of Mine (gift).
Nevaeh is wearing in first photo: Shirt and Pants: J.Khaki// Beanie:Flipeez (gift)//Boots: unknown at moment haha!
Nevaeh is wearing in the second photo: her ballet dance costume from her dance lessons (about $60/from our pockets).

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9 thoughts on “I bet you have your hands full?

  1. Phew, girl! It is always amazing that gifts and hand me downs come just at the right moment. I have totally had some experiences like that lately. I actually have a blog post sitting in my drafts (since last summer) about that. I may have to roll it out soon. We go back and forth about 3 or 4 kids – a lot in my mind for financial reasons. I don’t want to look back and regret a choice just because we were worried about money. If God leads, He will provide. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  2. Such adorable little one’s! I bet you are busy, but so cool that God provides for your needs and they you have people in your life to be his instruments 🙂

  3. What a good reminder in this post! I’m from a family of 7 kids and not an extravagant lifestyle–but like you said, God has always provided, he’s always been faithful. We need to continue to trust him rather than relying more on our own efforts!

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