8 Date night ideas on a budget & 6 Blogging pet peeves

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For awhile now I have been thinking of a fun post on some ideas of date nights on a low to no budget (except paying my sister for babysitting).  Since date nights are almost non-existent and money is tight, here is a list with a few photos of some things my hubby and I have done:

1). Go to local coffee shops and take a game of Scrabble- we get free refills on coffee sometimes.



2).Window shop/sometimes shop to buy and take random photos in dressing rooms, I believe this one was at Charlotte Russe and is an older photo (both of us had longer hair):


3).When we took a family vacation at Hilton Head beach we snatched some of his families rental bikes and rode the bikes across the streets and alleys to the beach during a massive thunder and lightening storm.  It was pouring the rain but we were laughing and defying death haha! Yes we were crazy and scared to death of being hit by lightening butwatching the ocean on the beach during a storm is quite AMAZING and THRILLING!

4).Complete DIY craft projects in a coffee shop or over lunch- got pictures but I will let you view them on Etsy eventually.

5).Go for a walk on trails nearby or in neighborhood.

6).Rent a Red Box dvd and watch it while lounging back in the seats of our own minivan- Garay movie theater.  🙂

7).Write letters to children to give to them as they get older- while enjoying coffee and pastries.

8).Go to a donut shop in PJ’s.

Now for my blogging pet peeves:

I am obsessed with blogging and meeting new people as well as forming new friendships/inspirations; However, I also have some pet peeves and so I thought I would share with you five things that are a  BIG turn off to me:

1). It is VERY inconsiderate or rude when I feature a post of someone whom I admire or have gathered inspiration from (with their knowledge and permission) and they don’t even thank me for featuring them.

2). When a blogger visits and leaves a comment along the lines of “I love your blog- you have a new follower, come follow me.” and leaves the exact same comment on all of your followers or friends pages word for word.  Hmmm…copy and paste.  At least they dropped by but do they give a hoot about your page- are they even still following/reading.

3). Getting spam comments back to back and having to report them over and over till the point is made. Or they want you to pay money just to enter their giveaways (which I don’t by the way).

4). Bloggers not releasing or announcing the winner(s) of giveaways-HELLO I am in suspense mode forever!

5). Bloggers that are not genuine but instead have to talk about nothing but their exotic trips/expensive belongings, etc.

6). When I link up to a blog hop it is often nice when the host/guest host leaves a thank you for linking up or a nice comment so thanks Whitney and Becky.  Otherwise, it makes me feel like my linking up doesn’t matter.  Just another number to the link up.

Well I hope you enjoyed my fun date night tips and rants!

What do you and your significant other do on a limited budget? when you have kids and a limited budget?

What are your blogging pet peeves?

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9 thoughts on “8 Date night ideas on a budget & 6 Blogging pet peeves

  1. The only pet peeve I have are those “capcha codes” that you have to enter after leaving a comment. I enjoy blogging and appreciate all comments and likes. Plus I like reading entertaining blogs such as yours – gurl you are too crazy for riding a metal bike in a storm!!! ((^_^))

  2. I’m definitely more likely to link to a link-up where I know that the lady hosting it does pay attention to the bloggers who link up and comment on their blogs. I know ladies who comment on every single blog in their link up even when they have hundreds of linkers, and I’m very impressed by them!

  3. After I read this post, I began racking my brain for some fun date night additions for you guys on a low to no budget. I’m sure having kids really screws up any fun plans you might be able to do on the spur of the moment, but I think you could make some of these work! Most of these are things the hubs and I do, and since I have a really chaotic schedule, spending time with the hubs is extra special. So, without further ado, here are our date nights: 1) plan an appetizer dinner and spend the entire time talking to each other or listening to music. 2) make dinner together 3) hit up the library, get a good book, and then head back to your house and snuggle up next to each other while reading your separate books. Company while doing one of my favorite things is always fun, even if you’re both silent! 4) binge watch your favorite show on netflix or hulu in your pjs. 5) play cards. One of our favorite pastimes. 6) watch or rewatch 80s and 90s movies and make fun of them the entire time. You’ve inspired me to research date night or day things from a historical perspective… I wonder what young couples did for fun in the late 1800s, or the 1930s during the depression? *begins scribbling on paper* Happy blogging 🙂
    Ashley – Blue Ridge Vintage

  4. This post comes at a great time for me! In a couple of weeks my partner is out of a job so I’m looking for big ways to save. Some really great ideas here chic. We love going for walks and also watch films by the fire. We have also been tourists in our town which was fun.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂

  5. Great date night ideas!
    I agree with you on the copy-and-paste comments. It really means a lot when I can tell someone reads my posts before commenting. Also I agree with Antionette above – those captchas makes me not want to even upload my comment after taking the time to read and comment, it’s a difficult step! Even with a captcha spam still comes through sometimes, so waste of time.
    I get what you’re saying about bloggers only talking about expensive things. I think some people only highlight the good parts of their life on blogs and/or social media. I just wrote a post about this very thing. I found it was better for me not to read or follow blogs that I couldn’t relate to and/or produced negative feelings in me. I’ve been looking to follow other bloggers that are “normal” and not rich. More relatable and less feelings of jealousy or bitterness on my end (that I’ve had to pray about!)

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