Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me #3

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I am thrilled to bring you this third part of the series “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me!” If you did not capture my first and second in this series than read here and here and hopefully you will be inspired. With the permission of these bloggers to share their posts and blogs I am THRILLED to finally share these with you. If you see a post from one or all of them that you like feel free to follow them or link up to their link-ups as I am sure they would be most appreciative of this gesture 🙂

Recipes/Pined It Did It

Becky posted on her blog this recipe for Teething Biscuits (blog post). What caught my attention was that it can help use up baby food and dry baby cereal (since none of my babies cared for that stuff I thought, why not do this?).  This inspired me to try it myself.  The only changes I made included using vegetable oil-2 tablespoons, 2 jars of banana baby food (I didn’t have a banana handy) and 1 jar of sweet potato baby food. The biscuits turned out probably a little more moist than Becky’s, but they still served the purpose and both of my twins enjoyed them (they are teething) and my 21 month old son Alexander loved them too.  Thanks Becky!

Pictures of my babies enjoying:


Pictures from her blog:

photo 1(12)photo 4(3)

Marriage/Marriage with Kids

posted this insightful post on how to keep marriage alive after (for her a baby) for us (4 kids).  I read this post and had to enlighten my hubby with her points which brought about a discussion on how we view our marriage now- strengths and weaknesses/how to make each other feel loved, etc.  When children are thrown into the mix a marriage definitely doesn’t FEEL LIKE (emphasis added) a honeymoon anymore. Thank you Molly for giving my hubby and I a piece to talk on and refresh each others thoughts, views and feelings. Pictures are of her and her hubby on their wedding day.


They are too cute!

Then I included two pictures of my hubby and I on our wedding day:




For days now I found myself thinking of this outfit combo by Haley and just couldn’t believe how classy, and well styled it was.  It’s Coco Chanel in color- for real.  I don’t know if I could pull this off well. Thanks Haley for the inspiration- she has some wonderful outfit stylings so check her blog out.

Knitted fluffy crew jumper Topshopback and side Knitted fluffy crew jumper Topshopfront 3 close

If you have been following me and reading the last series I did on “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me” than you may remember my post on Kimberly here– and how she inspired me with how to style all black using different textures.  Well, not only did she inspire me but Rachel (pictured above did too).  Rachel looks cool and elegant in her “black” attire. Read her post here. Thank you Rachel!

So with Kimberly and Rachel’s black looks I tried to do my own, however it turned out to look more “clubbish” and not so textured in the photos.  See post I did here and view photo below.


Thank you for inspiring me ladies and for responding to allow me to share YOUR ideas and posts. :). Until the next part in the series enjoy! and thanks for reading, let me know what you think!?!

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8 thoughts on “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me #3

  1. Thank you so much for featuring me in your post, chic. It is so lovely of you and I feel very honoured. I think you look lovely in your black outfit; loving the heels.

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