Mix It- Michael Kors Belt/Black Top/Leggings

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Today’s weather was yucky and wet and there was actually an inch of snow on the ground, but it had all melted through the day so you can’t see a trace of it. Anyway, I wore this outfit out on a sort of alone time date with my hubby even though all we did was get taxes filed (getting the BIGGEST return EVER!- Praise God) and go by Chick-fil-a, but hey we spent along time riding to our destinations and just talked (something that can occasionally be hard to do in a van with 4 kids). I picked out this top and belt on purpose and mixed it with an old skirt and boots just to see how it would turn out. I tucked in the shirt into the skirt and actually liked it. Let me know what you think?


I also wore this similar look here. The black top is actually untucked and looks like a short dress if I would have allowed it too. Check below for some pictures from that post.


Wearing in both looks: Top: Tempted Hearts (old)//Belt: Michael Kors (actually part of a dress I own but used on everything)//Leggings: Old Navy

Wearing in today’s look (First one): Boots:Yoki (style Maya II) bought at Plato Closet for $10. Blue skirt: Old Navy (old).

Wearing in second look: Glasses: Target//Sandals: Old Navy (old).

Which mix do you like better? With that said I linked up with Lauren at Mix It Mondays. and at Casual Fridays.

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5 thoughts on “Mix It- Michael Kors Belt/Black Top/Leggings

  1. Love the blue of the skirt! Yay for big return. Glad you guys got some time alone. I know how hard it is it have a conversation with little ones 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Knowing that taxes are behind you for the year is a good feeling! We finished ours this past week, too! I really like your brown belt!

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