Happy 1st day of Spring! More…

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Shirt:Old Navy from last summer on clearance//Purse: Michael Michael Kors (old from TJ Maxx/gift)//Flats: Nine West (bought from Plato’s Closet a few years back)// Scarf: unknown//Pants: Motherhood Maternity//Bracelett: Yard sale find, unknown brand.

More…..green! Actually I am finishing up the week with the Green Week Link-up, thank you Ashley, Andi and Heather for a fun time and for allowing me to meet other bloggers.

I haven’t worn this scarf above since high school. I found it in one of my brothers closets the other day, brought it home and washed it believing I may get a few more times to wear it, and I am glad I did the other day.

The  Michael Kors monogrammed purse is special to me, but I will share how  soon.  I actually have a post about it that I will share with you.  The purse is several years old and is starting to get worn and honestly it isn’t a big as I am now used to for purses, plus it is kind of out of style, but I will never part with it.

What treasures have you found in your closet/attic/storage as of late that you are bringing out that maybe you forgot about?

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8 thoughts on “Happy 1st day of Spring! More…

  1. I definitely come across something I’ve had for years and have forgotten about every once in a while–usually accessories, because they’re smaller than clothes, it’s easier for them to get hidden away!

  2. Happy Spring! It’s so good to see it here at last. I need to have a good spring clean of my closet in the next few weeks. Your scarf is really pretty.xx

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