Bloggers Who Have Inspired me # 4

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I apologize for not posting this post last night like I told some of you I would, but mommy duties came first. I almost didn’t get to it tonight since I am still packing for an out of town trip tomorrow through Tuesday with my family to see an Eagle Scout court of Honor ceremony for my hubby’s cousin. Post on that later. But I needed to publish it. So without further adieu, I am thrilled to bring you this fourth part of the series “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me!” If you did not capture my other posts in this series than read here, here, and here.  Hopefully you will be inspired. With the permission of these bloggers to share their posts and blogs I am THRILLED to finally share these with you. If you see a post from one or all of them that you like feel free to follow them or link up to their link-ups as I am sure they would be most appreciative of this gesture 🙂

**Also to the bloggers that I have chosen as inspiration please be courteous and be thankful for the feature. It has become a pet peeve of mine when I feature you because I like your stuff and I get your permission but no thank you for doing so. Just swing a comment below or shoot me back an e-mail. Let me know what you think!! I love you all!

Fashion/Pinned it Did it:

When I saw this post of Tieka (first picture) and her outfit I was immediately inspired because I had in my closet a floral dress in similar colors that I didn’t know how to style and I had a similar colored cardigan. I had to pin it right away. I don’t wear hats but you can see in my photo I choose the red vintage Philipe purse instead. Isn’t it almost casual meets classy. Happy dance to finding a style that fits the dress. You can read my post from last Monday about this outit I copied and pinned here. Thank you Tieka!



Sammi styled in this post here a lovely butterfly dress.  I had just stumbled upon her blog one night and read the post for that nigh and fell in love with this dress. Her blog is filled with cute ways to style a dress similar to this. I love the mixture of patterns and her adorable red peep toe shoes are in almost every outfit photo. Go check her out.

Recipes/Pinned It Did It:

Kym has become an almost go to blogger for questions on the blogging network (I am considering joining review sites for products/compensation) but recently she posted a simple any-one can do it recipe called S’more Croissants and right away I knew I had to pin it and try it.

Here is the picture of the results for Kym:


Here is mine: (I should have went with Pillsbury dough instead of Kroger store bought brand because the generic wasn’t that good in appearance).


These were SOOO Good. We had Nevaehs friend Lauren over for dinner and to watch the movie Frozen and these Smore Croissants made a great dessert. Definitely worth doing over and over again.


DSC01002 DSC00994

Every weekday I enjoy reading Rachel’s posts which range from outfit posts, faith, crafts and random comedy.  Here is one example of a comical post that I had never laughed so hard at. Bathroom Comment Cards at a traveling rest stop. Really? people take time to leave comment cards this silly? Thank you Rachel for making my day the day I read this.   This post inspired me to just take the small things in life such as comment cards to make me laugh.

Thank you for inspiring me ladies and for responding to allow me to share YOUR ideas and posts. :). Until the next part in the series enjoy! and thanks for reading, let me know what you think!?!

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9 thoughts on “Bloggers Who Have Inspired me # 4

  1. Thank you, Rachel for featuring me! I’m so glad to have met and inspired you, sweet lady. Also, those croissants sound SO good! Have a safe trip, and thank you!

    x Sammi

  2. I love it when I can make people laugh! 🙂 I definitely believe in taking humor out of the funny random things we encounter in everyday life. Thanks for featuring me!

  3. Rachel, thank you so much for featuring me! I LOVE that you tried the croissants, and despite looking a little less croissant-y, were a hit with your family (at least yours didn’t have liquefied marshmallow & chocolate leaking out like mine 🙂 I actually like the way yours look – like delicious sweet buns. Yum!
    Also, those rest stop comment cards! Hilarious!! Thanks for introducing me to all of these wonderful bloggers :))

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