THE floral dress and memories behind it!

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This floral dress (from Charlotte Russe about 5 years ago) has served its purpose well today on 70 degree weather, but not only that it has served to bring back memories today that are good and bad throughout the years, and so I thought I would share the memories with you.

I had to go through my photo albums and facebook albums in search for pictures of me in this beauty just to capture some special events, and people whom I love and made memories with.

~Good memories~



When my hubby Chantry and I were engaged (as we are here) we went to the local grocery store with my mom and since this dress is notorious for blowing upwards and showing my rear on occasionally windy days this particular shopping trip made for just that.  As I was walking in the store (Chantry behind me) the wind blew up the dress and I walked mooning my man. He LOVED it and couldn’t stop commenting on what he saw, my mom actually laughed with him as I turned red with embarrassment.



My good friend Shauna and I on Easter Sunday 2010. Sadly she moved away a few years ago so seeing this photo brought back so many memories of our “girl” time and bible study times at her house.

Engagement Party Cookout:


This was one of like four engagement celebrations at a dear friends home one Sunday afternoon. Our church young adults group threw us a cookout. (Sadly the couple that hosted te party moved away too).



My family and in-laws went to Hilton Head Island, SC for vacation almost 2 years ago. This is a picture of my baby Alexander when he was but 3 months old. We had just bought our home and going on our first vacation as parents. It was a pretty good vacation, but it had it’s stressful moments as a parent. You know how parenting and traveling go? Out of the routine, in a new place, on the go go go.  Yeah, it was quite stressful.

Memories of Today:


Elizabeth and I


Max and I


Nevaeh being silly.

~Bad Memories~*

-I wore this dress on my last day of the school year my first year teaching. Its not so much of a bad memory as it was that I was miserable at the school I taught at and that it would be the only year happy at that occupation.

-My miscarriage of our baby Terry began wearing this dress.  Typing this is a little hard not to tell you all about it but I will save you from the unnecessary details. In general I am glad there are more good memories in this dress than bad.  God is good!

*There are no photos for this portion due to privacy of students in the photo or because of unnecessary capture.

What clothing item holds good and bad memories for you?

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7 thoughts on “THE floral dress and memories behind it!

  1. I have a hard time keeping clothes around long enough to have long-lasting memories! I’m kind of a clothing cycler. So nice that you have so many in that dress – great stories.

    • Hi Rachel! I love how a piece of clothing can bring so many memories. I still have the shirt I was wearing when I met my husband. Can’t let it go! 🙂
      And I accidentally deleted your comment on my Fit Wednesday post. I just wanted to say thank you! And you can get in a workout. Even if it’s jumping jacks and push ups. Try a little each day and once the scale starts moving, you’ll get motivated 🙂 Your twins are adorable as always 🙂

  2. Isn’t it amazing how we associate memories with clothing? We can remember exactly what we wore at certain times. I have gotten rid of clothes that had bad memories associated AND kept clothing that no longer fits because of the good memories!

    I’m so happy you have more good memories in this dress than bad ones. It sure is a lovely dress on you!

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