Michael Kors accessories and memories

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memories behind the accesories

I know, I know I seem to be going down memory lane this week. Read the last post here to understand my statement.

I have had in my head for days now the idea to share with you my closet/make up bag favorites and to tell you the truth nothing gives me more pleasure than the Michael Kors items I own and the story behind each one. I will pose a question at the end of my blog but real quick here is what each item means to me (once again all are Michael Kors/ and some MK glasses are not pictured since they broke but we will pretend they are exhibited).
1). MK monogrammed purse- given to me by my mom on my graduation day from Radford University before receiving my undergrad diploma. From TJ Maxx.

2). Michael Kors purse- a wedding gift from my cousin Kathleen from NY (here hubby got it from MK’s personnel NY studio for a steal price since it was a showcase type item).

3). Michael Michael Kors flats (color- Chamois in design Vintage Rose). An I love you gift from my mom on a family trip to Williamsburg, VA. Even though they were from a MK outlet store originally $70, they were marked down to $20. My family had no extra spending money but hey she couldn’t resist making me feel lOved.

4).MK Hollywood Lip gloss/perfume combo- given to me by a friend from church (Shauna) from her hometown as a way of lOving me and thinking of me.
5). (not pictured) Black MK sunglasses from TJ Maxx bought from a fellow Radford University CRU bible study peer (Theresa) who knew I loved MK and just wanted to bless me. Came back from my hometown one weekend to find them sitting on my desk in the house by the college that I lived at.
6). MK towel (from TJ Maxx) given to me from a guy that I was seeing before my hubby- but that isn’t what makes it special. What does make it special is taking only that towel to the pool/lake or beach.

My question to you is what item(s) hold memories for you?
Leave a comment and I will be sure to enjoy your responses. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Let me know if you have any further questions.
Rachel xo
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6 thoughts on “Michael Kors accessories and memories

  1. That’s awesome that people are so thoughtful! For me, it’s things like my wedding band and special jewelry (not expensive but sentimental) that my husband has gotten me – usually with the boys’ initials.

  2. I have so many sentimental items–usually based on who bought the item for me or due to a special place I wore the item. You must especially enjoy this brand!

  3. I absolutely love the quality of Michael Kors pieces! You’ve got some great memories with yours! I have so many items I hang onto for sentimental value, I wouldn’t know where to begin sharing what I love. I do have some things from my childhood that my mom gave to me, those mean a lot to me. Photographs hold a very special place in my heart. My wedding ring and the jewelry, shoes and headpiece I chose to wear for my wedding are special too! (Not to mention the dress!)

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