I did the unthinkable! I bought Beauty products

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This coming Sunday my cousin will be doing our outdoor family photo shoot for the spring and summer season. Before every photo shoot I like to get my hair cut or highlights.  This time I went all out and not only got a haircut but bought Beauty Products. Crazy! I posted this on facebook and am going to get blasts on my feed from my crazed make up fan friends congratulating me, because I am just not a make- up kind of girl (unless its for special events or photo shoots). My blogging bud Amber may even do the same but she’s an inspiration for make up.

This post is not a compensated or free product review post but based on what I have recently bought or gotten as gifts.  I will interject my loves or disappointments and comments throughout the post. If you don’t care about the products and just want to see what my hair looks like straight and what I look like with make-up on then scroll to the bottom of the post.

I will start in order of how I do things:

First I shower and use Sauve shampoo (Rosemary &Mint flavor) rinse and then use TRESemme conditioner (Flawless Curls).  I LOVE both of these (they were a Christmas gift from my hubby’s grandmother). *Normally I buy Garnier products for my hair but since we got loads of shampoo and conditioner for Christmas we are full on products on hair for now.


Second: Heating hair proctective spray Beyond the Zone ($7.29 at Sally’s Beauty) and GVP ionic ceramic hair iron ($44.99 at Sally’s Beauty). I was satisfied with the spray, it smelled good and left my hair shiny as I straightened my hair.  I HATED the straightener! I have a $20 Wal-Mart bought Con-air that is super old and works better than this $45 dollar junk. I am also mad because I told the sales lady that I wanted Titanium straighteners and she told me my hair stylist was wrong and that I needed ceramic and when I told her no she still sold this to me because “it was in my price range” after I told her I wanted Titanium based straighteners. I am taking it back for another straightener tomorrow or refund.


Third: Foudation.  I got the Mary Kay foundation for free from Blue Ridge Women’s center a few months back and found it was a bit dark on me (Ivory 200) and so Rimmel 120 ivory is just my color. I just recently learned there are different types of Ivory.  Where have I been? living under a rock?


Fourth: Blush. I LOVED using my new Maybelline New York Dream Bouncy blush ($2.50 on clearance at Kroger normally $7).  It had the right color of pink for my cheeks.  The next two items up from the Bouncy blush are “be blushed” from Avon and Mary Kay (beige 1 powdered blush). I received both of these for free from the Blue Ridge womens center and believe they are ok a bit darker than I would like.


Fifth: Eye products.

Recently I attended a Mary Kay beauty sampling with my sister-in-law Jasmine who is a consultant and I approached her with lots of questions. I told her my eyes hurt wearing any kind of eye make-up but that I would like to. I made a silly comment about having the same make up for more than 5 years and she right there told me that was my problem.  I didn’t know make up got bacteria in them after so many months of use and I didn’t know to replace my make-up every 3 to 4 months. I laughed and told her I didn’t know if I could afford it.

I LOVE all of these! I found this Maybelline New York Great Lash mascara for $4.99 and had a $2 off coupon so it was only$2.99 at my local Kroger grocery store. The two Revlon eye shadows (Periwinkle & Satin)were on clearance for .75 cents each and the Mary Kay eye pencil/liner is still old but almost gone and probably the only eye makeup item I have ever been satisfied with.


Sixth: Lip products.

The Avon sparkling warm rose lip stick was a Christmas gift from my best friend and Avon consultant Kendall. I wore it today and liked it, I don’t wear it enough.  The Mary Kay “Berry Sparkle” is a bit old and from a different season in Mary Kay sales but it is still shimmery and pretty.  My ULTIMATE favorite lip gloss is my Michael Kors Just Hollywood on your right.  It has perfume connected to the other end but I removed that so my 5 year old girl would stop putting on the lip gloss and feel the need to put the perfume on haha!



What do you think?  I straightened my hair, wore Periwinkle eyeshadow, used my new mascara, old eyeliner pencil, Rimmel foundation, new blush and Avon lipstick.

1606900_10100805464005783_844305504_n 1625665_10100805464195403_50263507_n

Not to mention I got a free tote bag at Sally’s Beauty for spending over a certain dollar amount.  Isn’t it cute!?! Also a BIG HUGE shout out to my blogging friend Becky for the cute shirt and scarf pictured here and for all the other items she mailed me this week.  God is good and I am so thankful for you everyday! Thank you for blessing me.  You will see more items on me from her in the future.

The picture below is an after shot of the Mary Kay beauty sampling a month ago. My sister-in-law is a consultant so if you know anyone needing actual beauty tips or Mary Kay products than let me know and I can give you her e-mail address.


Thanks for reading! Rachel xo

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15 thoughts on “I did the unthinkable! I bought Beauty products

  1. I have a cheap conair straightener, and I feel it does a fine job. I’d be interested to try out one of the $100 ones someday just to see if there’s really a difference. I have to remind myself to let eye shadow go every so often because it does get old before it gets used up. Glad some things in the box worked for you!

  2. I like your curly hair, but I do think it looks really cute straightened too. So now you have more hair styling options 🙂 I love the stripe top and printed scarf on you. Your makeup looks good, it sounds like you had fun trying out some new things!


  3. Your new make up looks really lovely. I’m not a big make up user either. I just tend to wear it when I go on a night out!
    Have a lovely weekend xxx

  4. I hate to spend the money on beauty products, but sometimes they are just needed! And it’s true that you shouldn’t keep using the same makeup for years…although sometimes I’m not as vigilant about that as I ought to be. I’ve had a $20 straightener from the supermarket and it’s done me well for 5 years…I also have a professional one but I mostly just use it on clients, not on myself!

  5. Thanks so much for the shout-out Rachel – you are so sweet!
    I do agree you should throw out mascara every 3 months but I do not throw out my eyeshadows that often at all!!! I use a brush to apply them and since they aren’t going right next to my actual eyeball that’s my rationalization. You got some great stuff! Great Lash is a classic mascara for sure, the flat iron spray is a good buy, and the cream blush sure is a pretty color!
    You look so pretty!!!

    As far as the flat iron, what a bummer she sold you one that you didn’t want. I personally recommend trying to find one that has a temperature control on it so you can control the heat (duh) to decrease damage to your hair. I have curly hair and have been straightening mine for YEARS and I swear the titanium with the temp control is the best ever!!! I’ve invested ($$) in a BaByliss one to replace my Chi – I’ve had it over two years now and I don’t think I will ever switch brands again!

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