Currently loving and mommy confessions

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I linked up with Anna and Amber today to let you in on my recent loves in life.  The link up is called Currently Loving. I encourage you to stop by their blogs and link-up or just see what they love and give some love.

I will begin with some lovely accessories/clothing. I love this earring and necklace set here that my sister Rebekah got for me as a Christmas gift from Rue 21 ($2 each). The pink is not only stunning but truly beautiful.  If you will note these were taken before my recent haircut and make-up wearing days.

1240374_10100808331349603_7640115958019061529_n 10173742_10100808331354593_9135093186909349766_n 10173742_10100808331339623_4974437323004326271_n

10014552_10100808331344613_8683102668198519890_n  10152475_10100808332252793_8192897190220903821_n

Top: Ebony eyes (gift)//Pants: 1st Kiss (thrifted at Goodwill $5)//Thonged Sandalls: Charlotte Russe (thrifted from Goodwill old)//Earrings: Rue 21 ($2)//Necklace: Rue 21 ($2).

I am SO thankful and in love with my first Forever 21 shirt and Lia Sophia necklace sent to me from Becky.  I wore these two pieces for family photos Sunday, I love them so much.  We don’t have a Forever 21 store where I live and every Lia Sophia party I get invited too I turn down because a). no extra money b). no babysitting provided even if I am interested in attending.  So I was thrilled to receive these.

10009139_10100808332247803_2438984248304246888_n 1604490_10100808332257783_1950402594764202390_n

I recently loved visiting the new park in our town with the kids, my hubby and brother Jonathan.

923559_10100805959647513_1400086038_n 1013571_10100805959622563_1237257243_n 1512409_10100805959637533_497608500_n 10175989_10100805959617573_820039753_n 10152028_10100805956518783_40259997_n 10176163_10100805959642523_462681390_n

What are you loving?

Now, I will get down to business and be honest with you and tell you that although I would love to blog more often and meet the goals I had made here in this post,  I am finding it is difficult. Just in the last week my kids have been getting to bed later and since nights are clean up and tidy thingstime it leaves me little time for “me” time which does stress me out.  I like using my blog as a way to be creative, social and present things I love and care about. I love connecting to other people, because let’s face it I rarely connect outside of my home with so many kids. My blog is an outlet but I shouldn’t make it my priority. There I said it! I sometimes get frustrated or upset that the kids aren’t going to sleep and that I can’t get on and blog or comment on people’s blogs. I recently read a post by Blaire (a mommy and blogger) here that captures just a bit more of how I feel about blogging, parenting, she nailed it, so go and read what she has to say as well.




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14 thoughts on “Currently loving and mommy confessions

  1. You look great here. I’m with you on blogging being a hobby but it shouldn’t be a priority over family. It is really great for me time though 🙂

  2. I love your new haircut! And your park day looked like so much fun!
    And I am with you on the blogging priorities. I feel the same way, and I also really enjoy blogging. But you are right, family is always first. But I do see it as an outlet for mommies to write and show what they are loving, making, etc.
    Keep up the great work with your family and your blog 🙂

  3. Oh I bet those pieces looked great for pics! Blogging takes a lot. Every week I’m like…can I keep doing this?! but then things come to mind to write.

  4. That is a beautiful earrings and necklace set. Sometimes jewelry sets are the best because one doesn’t have to look for a necklace to pair with earrings and vice versa. It’s already done for you!

    It’s been so long since I’ve been to a park. Well, in my case, that makes sense because I don’t have any kids. But that won’t stop me from utilizing the swings.

  5. Thanks so much for linking up! You’ve really got some great jewelry in this post. So happy you got a Forever21 shirt! Looks like you all had a really great time at the park! I’m with you on blogging being a hobby. I really love what Blaire had to say about balance too. I KNOW a lot of bloggers try to stress themselves with a strict schedule – but for me that takes the fun out of it! As moms and bloggers we need flexibility (in my humble opinion.) I do try to be consistent with posting but if I can’t get a post up, seriously life happens and priorities fall into place. Try to give yourself a break 😉

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