What I wore Wednesday

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I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy today for her link up “What I wore Wednesday.” (See icon at the bottom of post) I choose two outfits for this post and after wearing them thought up new ways to style them for the future. I just stuck with the basics for these two outfits though, nothing special about them (in my opinion). This is just what I wore this week (Monday, Tuesday and Today). Let’s start with todays.

Outfit 1- Blue on denim and a few pops of red.

10247322_10100809630012073_3785325723574985892_n 1554395_10100809630007083_1831496437518807656_n

I LOOOOVE flip flops. I went to the local library today in this outfit.  This is the first time this purse has hit public (it’s been in my closet since high school or before). My hubby likes it and I actually love it now.

Top: Faded Glory (Christmas gift)//Jeans: Motherhood maternity (old)//Shoulder bag: Phillippe (vintage)//Flip flops: Old navy//Earrings: forget where I got them//Bead bracelet: Christmas gift.


Outfit 2- Black and White pattern mix with a hint of brown.

Shirt: New Design (gift from a clothing swap)//Leggings: Old Navy//Flats: Quicksilver (gift from one of my sisters)//Sweater cardigan:Mark by Avon (gift from my Avon consultant and best friend Kendall)//Tree necklace: unknown brand (gift)//Black beaded necklace: unknown brand, I think I got it from Charlotte Russe many years ago.

Golly I feel awful for the poor quality of my photos, it was a rainy day and my camera is my iphone which is depressing.  I would love to take a photography class next year (hopefully) as an excuse to get a camera, tripod and learn the basics.

Outfit 3- Pink and White striped tee, a belt and jeans.


I can’t wait to style this striped tee in different ways. I have one in mind that I tried and loved. But I will show you that in a later post.

Rachel xo

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