My own marble jar #totalbettysociety

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A few months back I filled you in on how I rewarded my two older kids (age 5 and 23 months) with marbles in a jar for good behavior to earn a reward once their marble jars were full. Read about it here.  Until recently I had a hard time completing or procrastinating on tasks I needed to fulfill.

Here is a list of what I need to improve on give myself marbles for already:

-Calling or e-mailing people back

-Setting up appointments or calling people

-Reading my Bible daily

-complete steps towards my teacher recertification (currently working on CPR/First Aid/AED trainings online).

– balancing the check book daily

-planning my 23 month old son’s 2 year old Birthday party at the end of this month YIKES!

Things I should give myself a marble for and work on but haven’t yet:

-eating healthier


My reward that I am working towards is any item of jewelry from Total Betty Society. When you sign up to become a member with them you automatically get a $10 credit to use towards your first purchase. I still have my credit and you can use it on top of discounts. I get discount notifications by e-mail. So I am thrilled and can’t wait to shop (especially for a necklace).

I also read my bible more, know where we are financially speaking and I just feel good all around. I just fill happier, more fulfilled and accomplished.  Who knew that what I implement with my children could give the same affect with me. I encourage you to think of ways of rewarding yourself for actions or behaviors you dislike or have a hard time completing.

What do you think?

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14 thoughts on “My own marble jar #totalbettysociety

  1. I have thought about doing this sort of thing for myself but I’m just not sure what to “reward” myself with!! I guess it needs to be something I wouldn’t normally allow myself to buy…a splurge….Hmm, now I’m gonna go think on this! 😀

  2. I love the idea of a visible way of reminding yourself what you’ve accomplished! i’m a very word-oriented person so I always use lists and I love seeing the checkmarks as I get stuff done.

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