Bikini printed maxi dress

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Outfit details- Maxi dress: Apt. 9 (old)//Sandals: Old Navy (old)//Cardigan: Old Navy (old)// Necklace & Earrings: Charlotte Russe (old).

I haven’t worn this dress since I was 32 weeks pregnant with Xander. I just sort of put it away with my maternity shirts and pants and then rediscovered it over the weekend and it is not a maternity dress after all. That’s the beauty with maxi dresses, and that is they can be worn pregnant or not and still be adorable.

My hubby took these pictures this past weekend and when I look at them I notice how the print on the dress almost resembles a bikini, can you see it? Shocker for me, but still a cute and comfortable dress. Confession, My hubby hated the cardigan since before I put it on I was revealing a lot of cleavage which you know men like, but I wasn’t all comfortable with. So he snapped shots with me wearing it and not wearing it. Another confession, I actually got a sweet photo taken with my baby Max but one of my boobs was about to pop out ad bra showing and you don’t want to see that on here.

Do you have any photo confessions? What do you think of the dress? I see a lot of wear coming in the near future, it’s almost perfect up til fall (my favorite season).

Thank you for reading loves.
Rachel xo
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12 thoughts on “Bikini printed maxi dress

  1. I so would not have noticed the “bikini print” if you hadn’t said it – but I can totally see it!

    yay for maxi dresses – they really are the best!

  2. You look so happy in these pictures!! After you pointed it out, I can see the bikini-shaped print on the dress but I wouldn’t have noticed it otherwise!

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