Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me #5

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I am excited to bring you this fifth part of the series “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me!” If you did not capture my other posts in this series than read here, here, here and here. Hopefully you will be inspired. With the permission of these bloggers to share their posts and blogs I am THRILLED to finally share these with you. If you see a post from one or all of them that you like feel free to follow them or link up to their link-ups as I am sure they would be most appreciative of this gesture 🙂


My Heels:



Irene’s Heels:

img_7511 img_7429

When I saw that Irene had thrown together a retro style (see her post here) look I fell in love, but more importantly I admired her hairstyle, blouse and finally her adorable heels with casual jeans.  I may not have pulled off a retro style look in my above photos, but she did inspire me to bring out from my closet some shimmery heels that I haven’t worn in forever. I wore my heels with this outfit to church this past Sunday and just fell in love with how much it added a dressier touch to an otherwise casual look. I hope I can copy the actual secretary-retro look of hers one day, but for now, thank you Irene for inspiring me to bring out these beauties.

Collage Dress Collage belt

I believe I am obsessed with Blaire and Whitney’s outfit styles on their shared blog Here I featured Blaire showing off a lovely dress and accessories in colors that I absolutely adore. When I first saw this dress I thought “man would I love to own that” and “wow how would I have styled it?” I don’t know if I would have come close to styling this outfit as well as Blaire did. See the original post here.

Beauty & Make Up:

If I had to meet one of my followers in person it would be Amber of This young woman reminds me so much of a good friend of mine that moved away a few years back. I admire Amber’s faith, outfits, family and wait for it-she has inspired me to want to look into wearing make up more, buy more beauty products.  Now that is a friend. (LOL). Here is the post that started it all- How to Clean Make-Up Brushes.

f IMG_8239 u f IMG_8223 u IMG_8549 end

Here is my make up collection: You can read the post about my new stuff here.


I don’t own a single brush yet, but just the fact that I bought make-up and some beauty products after this post says something. Not to mention Amber is giving away three Mary Kay products that you can enter here. Thanks Amber for inspiring me just through a make up cleaning tutorial.


Recently I wrote a review for a big company but was not compensated for it, nor given free products and after writing the review the company had the audacity to tell me what I needed to fix (in my own blog) which was a slap in the face. I read this blog post by Corinne of and determined never again to write a review for nothing. Her post is an informational one on why bloggers should get paid to do reviews. She had my support after my first experience. But lessons learned.


As a matter of fact I have recently applied and been accepted into the etailPR bloggers network to review products for prizes, compensation or products and can’t wait to get started with it. Thank you Corinne for your informational post. I felt like I was in a debate class haha!

Thank you for inspiring me ladies and for responding to allow me to share YOUR ideas and posts. :). Until the next part in the series enjoy! and thanks for reading, let me know what you think!?!

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12 thoughts on “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me #5

  1. Rachel- I love this series that you do. You are looking great in the jeans and heels. Seriously! 🙂 I will have to check out that blog post about doing product reviews.

  2. Rachel, what company was it that wanted to fix your review? Do you still have the post up. Im just curious and visiting in from the linkup.


  3. Thank you so much for the feature, it’s lovely to hear about bloggers who are getting something positive from my blog posts – what’s exactly why I write them =)

    A company telling you things you need to fix is disgusting if they are not even paying for your work – a bit of feedback is acceptable but sounds like they just were not very nice!

    I love the other blogs, also =)

    Corinne x

  4. Rachel, I am so honored you featured me and truly touched by the kind words you said about me. You are such a kind and lovely person. I am seriously so happy you said I inspired you – inspiring others to look and FEEL their best is one main reason I began blogging. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

    You’ve featured some other lovely ladies as well, I will check them out asap! I am LOVING your outfit – pink is a great color on you. You seriously look so beautiful.

    About the blog post criticism…that is just crazy! I’ve chosen to review products on my own that I absolutely love which sounds exactly like what you did. I don’t understand why they would feel the need to criticize a positive review. It was free advertising for them, after all. The blogging world definitely has a tough side at times but just keep doing your thing girl!!

  5. I love these posts, Rachel! They’ve pointed me to some really great ideas/ladies. Thank you for doing this series! You look great in your denim+heels, girl!

  6. The point about product reviews on blogs was interesting. That is so weird and wrong that you wrote a review of your own accord, just because you wanted to, and the company wanted you to change something about it? They can’t do that, free speech and all, you are free to write the way you want to. I’ve never written about a product because a company asked me to but didn’t pay me or give me a sample of the product–why would I? I have, however, written about random products I’ve come across that really intrigue me (last year I wrote about this nail polish I found that changes to a different color when exposed to sunlight, just because I’d bought it and thought it was really cool!)

  7. Such a great group of inspirational bloggers! I love that you share what has inspired you. And those heels are so pretty – I love the way you wore them!

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