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Outfit details: Top: Old Navy (from last summer)//Cropped Pants: 1st Kiss (Thrifted at Goodwill)//Pendant: Red Buffalo Trading Co.

First of all not only would my hubby consider the first picture posted as a pin-up bombshell model look for me(he took the photo) but the pendant around my neck is made from a bombshell sort to speak. I won this pendant through a giveaway that Rachel of had here. She collaborated with Corlie of Red Buffalo Trading co to have my now lovely pendant mailed. To read the story of this piece of recycled-bomb jewelry or to order one or one like it click here. I love it. I wore it to my son Xander’s birthday party, a date day (where these photos are taken), to church on Sunday and for other events on Sunday. It is lightweight and fun to play with. I am in love. Thank you Rachel and Corlie. (Corlie’s blog here).

I want to thank you (my readers and followers) for all of your sweet compliments, prayers and encouragement in my last post. It meant a lot. I am sorry for the missing in action lately. I have actually been doing more responsible things (as if my life revolved around blogging and sometimes I wish it did) but I have been doing the following things instead:

Go on a evening date with my hubby(where these photos come from) we rode our bikes to the local trail/park and did a mini mountain bike till we reached this Greenway River. Skipped rocks, had a picnic and took photos of course. Then we went to Starbucks, and out to rent the movie “THe Heat,” great movie.

Watch Game of Thrones (finished season 2, now on to 3), watch Once Upon a Time (I am 2 episodes behind), plan a birthday party for Xander, have the party. Try to relocate an important document for my teacher licensure renewal (so far not getting anywhere- prayers please), compile and revisit some items needed for the teacher licensure renewal, be more intentional and patient with my kids, and love my hubby more.

What are some things you have been working on in your personnel life? Any goals?

Here is a more dressier way in which I have worn this pendant:


 Outfit details: Pink top: Dots (hand-me-down from soon to be sister-In-law Courtney)//White undertop:Oldnavy (old)//Pants: motherhood(old)//Heels:Fabulaire (thrifted from Goodwill)//Purse:Michael Kors Hamilton Tote (wedding gift from cousin)//Pendant Necklace: Red Buffalo Trading Co.Like what I have posted?! You can follow me through these medias: Bloglovin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest.
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7 thoughts on “Bombshell

  1. You look lovely Rachel! I am really glad you won the giveaway, that pendant really suits you. And oh wow I wish I was at that river, it looks so peaceful, I really miss clean peaceful rivers…

  2. Rachel you look lovely in your dressy outfit. That top is pretty and shows off your curves. Hot Pink is an amazing color on you. I wish I could see the shoes better cause they look pretty.

  3. That pink top is so bright and pretty on you, Rachel. I love it! Evening dates with hubby are great – perfect time to relax and spend some QT together.

    I’ve been working on a few things but, spending more time with my hubby is one. We are so busy during the work week and our weekends are busier with events and whatnot. We’re getting back to our dinners at night so hopefully, we can keep it up. Great post…xo!


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