Xander is 2

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It is hard to believe that my baby is 2 today! He has brought so much joy, fun, love, laughter and life into our family. I don’t know where I would be without this little guy, I am thankful to God for giving me my Xander.


DSC00666 DSC00651 DSC00633

These photos are taken from this past Saturday in celebration of Xander’s Birthday at a local park. He loved his bubble producing lawn mower (he literally pushed it all over the park) my dad said he needed to start his own landscaping business t which I coined it “bubbles R us” haha! Xander is not a cake fan so hence the candles in a marsh mellow.

Some things Xander can do: point to 8 or more body points upon request, name at least 3 body parts (whenever he feels like it), say up to 20 words (clearly), run, blow, get into everything, kiss, stack 8 or more blocks, work on stacking rings with little help, nest cups with little help, follow simple one step directions, sometimes follow two step directions. Eat with a fork and spoon, drink from a sippy and regular cup, and drink from a straw.
Some things he is continuing to learn: to jump, speak with clearer words (here and there I mean), clean up after himself and many more things.
Some facts about Xander:
He loves baby einsteins, Elmo, Barney, bugs, balls, parks, swings, daddy (the most), people, coffee (FOR REAL), hot dogs, mac &cheese, fruit snacks, any fruits, marshmellows, any kind of juice.

My thoughts and words to Xander: I love you baby! You are a miracle child. I thank God for placing you in our lives so that we might know how to love and parent best. I look forward to your development in skills and interests daily. I rejoice in your new discoveries and pray to always be there through most of them all. I love you Xander. Momma!

Thank you for reading and celebrating with me!

Rachel xo


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