Simple to a tee











Outfit details: Tee: Trend Set (vintage)//Skinny Jeans: DKNY(old)//Purse: Plato’s Closet find// Scarf: unknown brand (gift)//Sandals: Charlotte Russe (old, thrifted)//Necklace: Icing (old).

I have been inspired by t-shirts in fashion lately, and didn’t like any of my tee’s till I found this vintage tee in a box in my basement along with these DKNY skinny jeans I had pre-pregnancy. God is good, I had been needing more regular jeans instead of maternity and these along with another pair of pants I found still fit me, and they are still in excellent condition. Obviously I got plenty of pictures with this outfit, but noted how drab the lighting came out, and my frizzy hair from the rain but oh well. I thought this lovely scarf dressed up this bag wonderfully, and it ties the outfit together in my opinion.

How should I style this tee next time?

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15 thoughts on “Simple to a tee

  1. It’s so awesome that you stumbled across those jeans again! I love the rinse and they really do fit you so well! I really like the color of that t-shirt too – purple is one of my favorites!

  2. Purple is a pretty color on you! I like mixing plain tees with “fancier” articles of clothing, and I think that purple is really pretty color on you! If you want to brighten up the colors of your photos a bit, do you have picasa? It’s a free downloadable editing program that’s really easy to use. You can just search “Picasa” to find the website and download it, that makes it easy to brighten your pictures a tad or crop them when you want to–I use it quite a bit!

  3. Purple looks great on you and I love all your pics! Maybe you could pair the T-shirt with shorts next time?
    Stay fabulous!

  4. I love lavender on you. Try it with a maxi skirt, wedges and statement necklace next time. And your hair looks very cute regardless. Silky scarves tied to the bags are a favorite Summer trend for me. =)

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