Summerizing a LBD and eventful Memorial Day

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Outfit details:LBD- Michael Michael Kors (old, Michael Kors Outlet)//Fedora hat: Virtis (Plato’s Closet)//Sandals: Old Navy (old)//Sunglasses: unknown brand (Plato’s Closet)//Necklace:Charlotte Russe (old).

I thought I would share with you my LBD purchased on my honeymoon in Williamsburg, VA from my hubby at a Michael Kors outlet and how I accessorized, oops I mean summer-ized it.
I am rocking my fedora hat A LOT lately and loved it paired with the dress to give it a casual fun look. I was dressed this way for a family BBQ, park an creek play with kids (where these photos were taken) and shopping with my sister, sister-in-law, brother and kids. The dress was just the right length for creek water walking, a humid day outside, but cool enough for the outdoors and indoors. I wore this LBD styled this way through Saturday and got nothing but compliments, from my in-laws, sister, hubby even checked out by a creepy man at the grocery store. I guess you could call this a bold, step out of the box for me look, but I loved it. You can check out my winter-ized styling of this dress towards the end of the post.

Memorial Day events:
My memorial day was eventful, filled with pure enjoyment, I was allowed to sleep in while hubby took care of the kids, I went to starbucks for some me time and responded to some bloggers, ran to the grocery store and had my brother Luke and brother Jonathan and his family over for some water play outside and a cook-out.
I say the day was eventful, because it was packed with fun, but stress. The cookout and a million kids around was stressful enough, but our son Max had a fever most of the afternoon. He slept through some of the day, but was rather hot and throwing up. By the time the cookout was finished and everyone gone, kids in bed that was when Max woke up. He had been shivering like he was cold, he was burning up, tempature 103.2 so he was given a bottle of cold water. My hubby felt I needed to call his pediatrian on call, so I ended up speaking to a nurse about his symptoms and right away he started seizing. The nurse told me to call 911 immediately. Max had about a 3 to 5 minute seizure in my hubbies arms. I was in tears, scared, talking to the 911 dispatcher as she told me an ambulance was on it’s way and how to keep Max positioned. He threw up and continued to do so even in the ambulance to the hospital with my hubby. In God’s perfect timing my neighbor and her daughter came out and prayed with me and offered to stay with my kids til my mom and dad arrived. We spent 4 hours in the ER and were relieved that his tempature went down, he didn’t seize anymore and the seizure, we were told wouldn’t cause any longterm or harmful damage. God is good but He took care of our Max, and we are so thankful for His divine healing and for prayer warriors. Max is feeling a lot better, though not 100 percent.
He was diagnosed with Febrile seizures, commonly seen in children 3 mos to 6 years old that have tempatures from 102 up. I know a lot of moms read my blog but has this happened to your children or someone elses child you might know?
How was your memorial day?
My winterized version of this same LBD.

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9 thoughts on “Summerizing a LBD and eventful Memorial Day

  1. Oh my goodness. I’m so sorry to hear about Max’s seizure. I can’t imagine how frightening that must have been for you!

  2. Hi Rachel I like this look. A perfect stylish mama look. You remixed a classic LBD and made it cute and season appropriate. I’m still loving the fedora. My hubby wears a lot of fedoras and I sometimes try to steal his, but recently he got me a leopard print one. I’ll have to come up with an outfit to show it. I’m so glad to hear Max is doing okay. I know those experiences can be SO scary. God definitely gives us the strength to get through, and He will protect our little ones. I’m glad you have a strong team of prayer warriors on your side. My son has never had any seizures but he had an accidental chemical burn and a serious asthma attack. God got him through each time, and he continues to protect him.


  3. My sister used to have childhood seizures and I remember those scary moments. So sorry little Max had to go through that – and you and your husband and family too. It’s very traumatizing and scary for the family. What perfect timing your neighbors came over to pray and help with your other children. God is so good!

    Your outfit is adorable! That Michael Kors dress is perfect for you! Love each way you’ve styled it. And keep rocking that fedora, it’s fab!!

    Fashion, Floss and Lip Gloss

  4. Oh my, really sorry to hear about Max. Keeping you guys in my thoughts as he continues to feel better. 😦
    On a lighter note, I do love the versatility of an LBD. It actually looks like two different dresses the way you’ve styled it!

  5. First, you can’t beat a simple, casual LBD for Summer. Loving yours with the Fedora and congrats on the feature at Carrie’s Link-up.

    Secondly, I am so sorry about Max. Will his seizures stop at some point or what did the doctors say? Having a young child be sick is a horrible and frightening experience. Vivian hasn’t been feeling well lately (again). She has gotten sick very often this year and at times had very high fever. And yesterday I got a call from the daycare that she had been crying and in pain all day so I picked her up early. I did hate that phone-call though. =(

    I will be keeping Max in my prayers and you keep Vivian in yours. Thanks. =))

    Welcome by when you can. ❤ Ada.

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