Searching for my Michael Kors birthday bag part 2

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If you remember from my first post in this series here then you remember I am on a hunt for a Michael Kors purse under $200 as a gift from my hubby. The purse from my last post actually sold (insert sad face) because I went back to the consignment store to not only look to see if more purses came in, but that particular one sold, see my post here to see it. So I hit up two stores with my hubby for a date day. I will show you Marshalls store first.

Marshalls finds and my opinions:


My hubby actually loved the color of this bag. It is solid white with monochromatic MK all over it. Yes it was a nice color, but I didn’t lik th shape of it. The bag was $171.

This green one was not a great color (and I love green) but I did lik te shape of this bag better but it still wasn’t a love. The bag was $171.



This purse was a pretty blue and would go great as an accessory for summer, but I didn’t like the shape of it. This bag was also $171, I believe.

TJMAXX find and opinion:


I was VERY disappointed in the TJMAXX selection, all they had was this. Maybe if it was a few years back or winter time I would have loved this, bu I did not this time. I used to swoon over what MK purses TJMAXX had in the past, now my hubby and I (not to mention another customer there) labled the selection as “el stinko.”

In general all of these purses were not for me. My husband put it best, hey look to manufactured and mass produced, nothing of the quality of the bags I do own. Make sense?

I am looking online at and seeing some cute ones, but I would rather see it upfront before considering on buying from online. I a just picky that way.

Where should I look for Michael Kors purses? I already tried and didn’t see anything.

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36 thoughts on “Searching for my Michael Kors birthday bag part 2

  1. Ugh that stinks the TJ Maxx and Marshall’s were a bust. They get new things in every Tuesday, so maybe it was just a bad week. Keep looking, I’ve found 2 of my MK bags there. You will know the right bag when you see it and be in love. It just takes time.

    Best of luck!

    Whitney & Blaire

    Peaches In A Pod

  2. Oh I love MK Bags. I only got my first one 3 months ago but I love it. It is large, leather, pretty and RED!! Your Maxi Dress here is quite lovely, by the way.

    And speaking of Bags I have a new Designer Bag on the blog today – check it out!! =))

  3. i was going to say nordstrom online…they do free shipping and free returns and there are some gorgeous mk bags for sale during this mega sale they are doing right now. that sounds like a pitch…it’s not, i just have been stalking the site since the sale started and telling myself that even though they are on sale, i don’t need them. good luck in your search!

  4. I recently received a MK purse for Christmas and what I have found is that if you buy it from a department store (like Nordstrom, Macy’s… etc.) it will be a little cheaper than buying it from MK… and usually you’ll get free shipping. Also, if you get a smaller purse, like some of the cross body ones will be right around $200 with free shipping at the department stores. Not sure if that will help. I did like the blue color, but I agree I didn’t like the shape of it. I got a black quilted purse for Christmas, but I put it away till winter for now since I don’t like to carry a black purse in the Spring or Summer. Good luck in your hunt, you will just LOVE your MK when you find it! Thanks again for linking up with What Wives Wear!

  5. Hey there!! TJ Max is such a hit or miss but dont give up. It’s the luck of the draw. Try Marshall’s as well bc they will have a nice selection too? Dont settle if you dont fall in love with the bag. You will find the one!! So nice that your hubby wants to treat you! So sweet!!


  6. Hi Rachel I agree with you that none of those bags were anything special. I did like the color of the blue one though. I guess you’re back on the hunt. I am just impressed about your hubby going along for the adventure, and he was offering so much input. That’s awesome! My husband would have been done after the first store. I’m glad we got a chance to feature you this week, and thanks for sharing & spreading the word. See you next week. ~Sherri

  7. You’re too funny!…but I do the same thing on my birthday. Last year it was Coach for me and this year, it was a Marc Jacobs watch. At first, I wanted an MK bag, but seeing every lady I meet already toting one has kinda turned me off. I have seen a few great ones at Stein Mart, Ross, and a few on Poshmark. I’m not sure if you would really care to buy one from there, but it’s my all-time favorite shopping app. I hope you find your bag soon!

  8. It’s hit and miss at Tj Maxx. There are some days that they have the best purses, and some days, not so much. It looks like you have plenty of patience, and I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll love 🙂
    Have a great weekend Rachel!

  9. I did like the color of the blue one, but I agree the shape isn’t all that great. Do you have a Steinmart near you? That’s where I scored my Michael Kors a few years ago and I see them in there all the time! Or maybe Nordstrom Rack?
    Love what you wore to go shop in, by the way!! So cute =)

    Fashion, Floss and Lip Gloss

    • I need to check out the Stein Mart near here, I never thought of that store. We don’t have a N Rack and the website doesn’t show any on hand just MK clothing. But thanks Hun.

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