Honoring some special dads (giveaway)

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With Sunday being Father’s Day I thought it only appropriate to let you meet two great dads I know. First one being my hubby, Chantry.
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Chantry is a hard worker, while his job is a decent paying one with good and I mean GOOD benefits, he still works all the overtime he can each week to provide us with money to save, our gym membership, extra odds and ends that come our way and he starts attending Radford University this fall on top of that to slowly earn his Bachelors in Business Management/Leadership. He is also a hard working dad. His whole focus is his family and providing, hence extra work hours and going back to school (he gets paid from his Army veteran benefits to go to school and his job and veteran benefits pay for schooling) Not only that but he is a stud muffin, I call him “Mr. Sexy pants.”
Some cools facts about my hubby and a glimpse of other great dad qualities:
-He loves God with all his heart and puts God first in all things.
-He got out of $11,000 worth of debt before we married (my rules and he followed through with my pushing him). We are completely debt free by the grace of God!
– He loves hackey sac playing
-He gets up with crying babies and holds them, changes diapers, gives comfort/bottles.
– He is a proud daddy and loves to have all 4 kids (yes 4) in his arms or around him in public. (He carries the twins, while holding the fingers of Xander and Nevaeh in public while walking).
– He wants probably more children one day than I even imagined, and since we are in the foster care system as potential foster care parents one day he wants to foster some babies/children.
-Admits (even to the kids) when he has done wrong or bad things but how God forgives.
-He is passionate about teaching our kids about Jesus Christ as our savior.

Now that you know some things about my hubby now I would like to introduce to you MY dad.

Rachel's Pics fall 2010 189

(Here he is pictured with one of my Chinese brothers, adopted from China, obviously).
My dad is compassionate, easy to forgive, slow to anger, and like me soft spoken. He rarely gets mad (unless its about political parties), and he rarely speaks ill of others. He finds the good in everybody, give him the worst serial killer in the world and he might find something good about him. He is a humourous person and is often times telling corny jokes, but often times raising the spirits of those needing it around him. I am thankful for my dad.
Some facts about my dad:
– he is a southern Baptist minister (currently hospital chaplain though).
– he has taught himself some basic mandarin, guitar and piano.
– he is obsessed with his computer flight simulator and brags about where he flew to that day and weather conditions (haha)
– he loves coffee
-He LOVES the Lord and helped me come to know Christ as my savior. Thank you dad.

So tell me what are some good fun facts or what are you thankful for in your dad or hubby?
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4 thoughts on “Honoring some special dads (giveaway)

  1. Wow Rachel I love this thank you so much for sharing & linking up! God has really blessed you with a great hubby. I can see how you have found all the great qualities your dad possesses in your hubby as well. The best part is your children have great examples of godly men in their lives, and that is a treasure that will last a lifetime. I hope you & your family have a great Father’s Day! ~Sherri

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