DIY Busy Bags (for busy toddlers, preschoolers)

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Months ago I attended my local librarys’ “DIY Busy Bag” make and take event and failed to show you my goodies that I made. Until now I am glad to show you what I made and hopefully break things up according to age level and specify what developmental learning areas it helps with. Toddler (and Preschooler) Ideas: Sorting Pipecleaners by Color in can- This one helps with sorting by color, eye-hand coordination, color recognition and naming, sensory, length (shortest, short and longest).


You just match the pipecleaners (three of one color, cut different lengths, and as many colored pipecleaners as you need to match the sticker on the lid and push in. You can read the pinterest pin here to make one of your own. Xander loves this activity as he is sorting and matching colors now in other activities, and likes the feeling of the pipecleaners. Make a Felt-Pizza Simply explainatory, you just grab felt (any color you want, especially for choosing toppings and cut out what you need and let the child put it together. Obviously this is a crust, sauce, cheese and pepperoni on top. Good for creativity and size differents (see circle sizes). Plus it’s a good hands on activity. See pin here to make one of your own. 10346220_10100908779370963_3426929054311605893_n

Preschooler 3+: Popsicle Stick Picture Puzzle- This activity is good for memory, eye-hand-coordination, picture recognition, putting things in order. Nevaeh can do this one in a few seconds. See similar pin here to make one.

10386271_10100908779011683_8768310103743283928_n 10487575_10100908779006693_3479332890829850062_n Popsicle Sticks to make Shapes or Letters- this is a good activity for eye-hand coordination, making shapes and letters, naming what was made, color naming. You can see the pin to this activity here.


I Spy Bottles- Good for memory, searching, object with word recognition. You can see a pin here to make one yourself.


I have many more “Busy Bag” crafts that I have made from the same event, and at home.  Thanks to Pinterest and my local library for supplying the materials for this FREE event. If you want to see some of my favorite pinterest busy bag pins you can check out and follow me on Pinterest here. Look forward to another “DIY Busy Bag” post in the near future as I have a few more to show you and a few to make. Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to follow my vacation through instagram here (and follow <3). Avon 3 piece jewelry set giveaway still going on,enter Rafflecopter below (US residents only): a Rafflecopter giveaway

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7 thoughts on “DIY Busy Bags (for busy toddlers, preschoolers)

  1. How awesome that your library had such an event!
    We have an eye-spy bottle and is great to bring to church! The pipe cleaner sorting is genius. We’ll have to give that one a try.

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