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Hello Everyone,

As you are reading this post I am still on vacation at Massanutten, swimming, enjoying friends and my little family and taking naps.  Today, I want to introduce you to Iris, of Love, Iris whom is my guest on the blog today. Iris has been one of my first followers and so I couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce her to you. Many of you know I love giveaways and anything cute and meeting other bloggers and Iris’ fashion and life style blog is all of those and more. I have enjoyed getting to know and be there for Iris through good and frustrating times. She is a sweetheart. She will be sharing her love for her striped skirt and many ways in which she has worn it, so please take a moment and read her post and check out her blog and other medias. Thank you Iris for taking over today!


Hi everyone, I’m Iris from Love, Iris. I have been addicted to this skirt since I bought it. I have developed quite a huge collection of different ways of styling this skirt; you can style it for all the four season and still be stylish! Fashion has been a huge passion of mine, I have always loved mixing outfit’s together, or just trying to make anything be dressy for going on dates and such. 

Being a personal style and fashion blogger, I always think it’s important to make sure the outfit fits well on me, and then I try it on my friends that are shorter then me and tell people about how it fit’s on a girl that’s 5″6 and another girl that’s 5″2. I’m not sure what the name of my “style” would be; I think of it as dressy, causal and classy and sometimes I will pop in with a little bit of sexy. One thing I can never be without though is this classic piece of a skirt, so I have listed 4 different way’s to wear this adorable a line A Line Skirt.

This first one I love, because mixing patterns is always a plus and has it’s perks. It can be a little wild at first, but hey who cares if you are being all cute and everything right? The outfit I’m wearing is perfect for the summer just take off the scarf or keep it on it’s your choice. I love adding a vibrant pop to an outfit–makes it more POPPIN’!
This one I absolutely love for a fall day. It’s comfy yet warm for Utah weather, if your colder I would suggest to put some boots on. I have chosen to add some cute heels that are very cute but defintly not too crazy. I do own some crazy heels, but these ones are more relaxed for the outfit. I love wearing really dark thick tight’s because they make the outfit stand out against my skin tone. 

Next, I added some boots and a pink leather jacket to the skirt. I’m obsessed with this jacket as well as the skirt. I took this photo during the winter winter time in January, probably doesn’t look like it, but it is. It was pretty cold when I took them. I have always loved scarves, even in the summer too–I know it’s pretty crazy for summer weather but if you find a perfect scarf that isn’t too heavy you’ll be fine. I’ve worn them in 100+ degree weather and still was okay. I wish everywhere had this store where I got these boots from. They have embellishments on the side but you can’t see it, but if you go to my blog you can definitely look at the boots more closer! If your ever in Utah, hit up the store called “Asian City” it’s in West Jordan, they have the cutest items there for really cheap but great quality. I work as a physical therapy assistant and have worn these babies working and lifting and they still look brand new and they were only $20! How great it that!


Finally, this one is a favorite outfit of mine. Yes I keep saying I’m obsessed with all these outfit’s but I love this monochrome type of look. I love a simple black and white outfit like this one. Plus it’s not to extravagant at all! I added these super cute ankle boots to make it a little bit more thrilling and make the outfit more appealing instead of just a black and white outfit. I think this outfit has more of an edge to it being all monochrome and all. 

Thanks for letting me write on your blog today Rachel! Don’t forget to stop by my site (Love, Iris) and see more outfits with this darling skirt or any outfit indeed.

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