Organizing a closet using recycled materials from home

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As you notice in the first few pictures I use to have a mess on the top shelf (purses, hats and more in no order) and un-hanged clothes on the floor, some of my hubbies old work and snow boots thrown about on the floor, our clothes mixed on the rail.

The closet bugged me with it’s disorder so I knew I needed to take action and organize with items already in our home since at the time it was late a night (hubby at work) and no extra money.  I recycled some things in the house to help me with this task. Here are some of the items I found and put to use:

– a picture frame that would have otherwised been sitting in our basement of older holiday pictures sits on the shelf as an extra décor and to exhibit favorite pictures of the past.

-Clear plastic bins I used for my students when I used to teach full time- these became useful for belts & clutches in one bin, scarves and gloves in another bin, and important documents and folders in another, then there were extra bins left over for future use.

-I used the pink and white patterned tote for holding out of season purses so as to hide them for now and for décor.

-I used toilet paper rolls to hold up the hats.


-my hubby and I were unable to sell a set of wicker shelves at our last yardsale so these became the shoe shelf for the closet-these now hold my wedges and heels, and a wicker basket became the basket for Chantry’s work boots and dress shoes.


– A door shoe holder from Big Lots holds flip flops, flats and tennis.


-even though I didn’t follow the matching hangers trend, most of our hangers were yard sale finds donated to us from my hubbies grandmother, which were then discovered in our basement after having been forgotten for a year or more. Not to mention our clothes are finally separate.

What do you do or use to organize your closet?

Have you ever used recycled pieces from your home to organize?
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7 thoughts on “Organizing a closet using recycled materials from home

  1. I love how you organized your closet! I get the motivation to organize all of mine every so often, but they rarely stay how organized I had them. Oh well. I really like how you used what you have too, to show that you don’t need to go out and buy fancy things to get the job done!

  2. Great improvement! I got a shoe organizer from Amazon and it helped my closet a lot. I have a lot of bins and baskets on top, too, because my closet doubles and the storage space for my fabric and craft supplies.

  3. I’ve never had matching hangers… my hubby used to before he moved in with me, he had all really nice wooden hangers. Since I do all of the laundry, he now has some of my plastic hangers and I have some of his wooden ones! lol! Good job!

  4. I love that you used materials you already had around your home. That is the best kind of organizational makeover, in my opinion 🙂 Everything looks awesome!

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