Polka Dot Shorts

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I cannot believe our family vacation has come to an end. For 7 days we did nothing but swim in the resort pools, take a day to go to the resort water park and take much needed naps almost daily. One of the things I enjoyed most of all was my two date nights with hubby, family, our company of friends and sister and her boyfriend- as well as these shorts.
Since I can remember I have loved doing a bit of shopping when going out of town. I hit up a few stores (rue 21,Old Navy) but wasn’t finding anything with my short shopping savings of $6, yes $6 of my leftover Birthday money. What I was finding was pieces that didn’t quite fit my body or were rather sqanky/revealing so I hit up Target. Now you can never go wrong with Target, so when I saw these polka dot shorts in the 70% off clearance section and saw that they were exactly $6 I had to try them on and voila they fit perfectly. I also remembered seeing other bloggers style these exact shorts some weeks/months ago so I felt proud, nbw to try and find some inspiration.

I felt like I was on vacation again when I wore this outfit. I actually wore this to church (I taught preschoolers and needed to feel and be comfortable, yet casual) then my hubby and I went on a date. We ended up playing Frisbee golf, taking a walk, picking and eating raspberry’s and black berries, visiting my new baby nephew Isaak in the hospital and sipping ice coffee’s in our local Mill Mountain coffee shop. It was the perfect time to reconnect.

We have actually felt convicted lately about not holding hands and talking (especially in the vehicle like we use to) we have allowed our smartphones (his game and my bloglovin app) get the better of us. Communication has been down, therefore we felt down, but God reminded us to put away the electronics and talk, hold hands, talk with the kids, listen to the message on the Christian aired radio- to slow down and just be intentional with each other and with things around.

Aside from the cute shorts, vacation fun and being intentional let me tell you about this jewelry set. It is making it’s first appearance after having owned it for months. Would you believe my grandmother-in-law thrifted them in a bag at Goodwill for 10 cents, craz-i-ness. I love them. God is good!

What are some of your great sale finds or thrifted finds? 

How are you being intentional?
Photo bomb, but cute nonetheless.
Outfit details:Shorts:Target (merona brand on clearance)//Shirt: Forever 21 (gift)//Flip-flops: Old Navy//Purse:Michael Kors (old, yard sale find)//Necklace & Earring set: thrifted gift// Fedora Hat: Plato’s Closet.

I have also worn this fedora here,and here.
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14 thoughts on “Polka Dot Shorts

  1. Hey Rachel! So glad to hear you and your family had a lovely time and are back safely! It’s so great that you and the hubby have decided to start putting down the phones and making some time to talk and reconnect. I think a lot of relationships (whatever the type: married, siblings, parents+child) suffer these days due to people not taking the time to actually communicate and spend quality time together. On your outfit, the shorts are so adorable, what a great find! Your sleeveless blouse and hat look cute with them as well. I love the last photo of you looking up at (I’m assuming) your hubby!!


  2. What a steal on those shorts! They are super cute on you and I love your entire outfit, especially the fedora! Thanks for linking up with us!

  3. Sorry I have been MIA, so many blogs to read so little time. Love your new shorts Rachel and that adorable necklace. Thank you for linking up with Maria & I.

    Enjoy the rest of your week and when you can stop by this week to see the rest of our budget posts. Thanks, Ada. =)

  4. How cool that you found those shorts for exactly the price that you were willing to spend! They are so cute too! And so glad that you got some nice date time with your husband!

  5. I love these shorts, they didn’t fit me right though 😦 I love how you and your husband are being intentional about communication. It’s easy to get lazy.

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