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Today I am thrilled to introduce to you a blogger named Becky that I have known for probably my whole entire blogging experience. I met her through a #funday Monday link-up. The first post I read by her was part of her “Thrifty Finds” series. When I read that she was a mommy, wife, believer in the Lord and teacher, I knew I needed to follow her. I enjoy reading her posts daily, from outfit posts, kids activities and DIY projects. Without further adieu here is Becky.

Thank you so much, Rachel, for inviting me to be a feature blogger on your blog!  I always enjoy reading your posts!  I’m Becky, a wife, momma to two boys (ages 1 and 4), a middle school teacher, blogger, Etsy shop owner, and DIYer. I blog at bybmg about fashion, DIYing, thrifting, and just life. 
1). The first post I read from your blog was a “Thrifty Finds”

post. I enjoy reading what you find when you thrift. Could you tell me

what your favorite thrifty find(s) has been and why? 

Oh, it was fun taking a trip down memory lane with all my Thrifty Finds posts
Here are my top 3 favorite finds:
These Gap Legging jeans.  They are just my go-to jeans now. I love them! I think I paid under $20, and they retail for about $70.
This Gap dress was seriously the luck of the draw!  It fits me amazingly and has POCKETS!  Plus is was $2.95 after a sign up credit at Twice.  Amazing!
This Loft sequin top was something I probably wouldn’t have bought if it wasn’t at Goodwill, but I love it and have worn in a lot! It’s always fun to have a little sparkle in your closet!
2). What do you like to shop for most when thrifting? 
Looking back through  my thrifty finds posts, it seems like I am really drawn toward sleeveless tops; I’m not really sure why. But, I have found some good ones!  I also luck out with jeans, too. Every pair of jeans I currently own are thrifted. Jeans can be expensive, so thrifting them saves a lot of money.
3). Describe your style: 
This is something I struggle with because sometimes I have a multiple personalities with my outfits.  I would say maybe classic with a twist of thrift? During the cold months, I’m a boots and tights or boots and skinnies kind of girl. I have totally deleted the boring teacher dress pants from my wardrobe. During the summer, I’m kind of all over the place, but I love a good skirt.
4).I also became interested in your blog because you are a mommy of two, wife and teacher, how do you balance it all? 
Being organized really helps me balance things. We plan out meals a week in advance. I have lesson plans at least outlined a week in advance.  Same with my blog.  I don’t always love living life “a week in advance,” but it helps in the day-to-day.  Russ and I share Google calendars, but I also love a good paper list (it feels so good to literally cross things off) and lesson plan book. We’re both starting grad school in the fall, though, so let’s pray it doesn’t all fall apart!
5).You also have some great DIY projects, any favorites? 
I think one favorite will always be the post that started my blog, the Glider Rocker Redo. It still gets pinned on Pinterest, so I guess that tells me it was a good one.  I also love it because it’s the foundation on which Wesley’s nursery was designed.
Making the Instagram Frame was pretty fun, too.
6). Describe yourself with one word: 
Creative.  My mom will verify that I always have been.  I love to make something out of nothing and figure out how to do it myself.

7). How can readers get in contact with you?:

I’m probably most active on Instagram.  I also have a Facebook page and am on Twitter. You can also always drop me an email!

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5 thoughts on “Featured Blogger Moment: Becky

  1. Oh, is this a new series you started? I love it. Thanks for introducing us to one of your blogger buddies. I love her mustard polka dot top.

    P.S. I’d love being part of this series if you like, of course. =)

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