Celebrating 4 years of Marriage

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Today my hubby and I celebrate 4 years of marriage. Since it’s Wednesday and hubby works evening shift we will probably give each other a “Happy Anniversary baby,” throughout today but actually celebrate this coming weekend. There are lots of ideas up in the air, but a dinner is a must. I already have my outfit planned for this occasion. We will see.

I thought I would share with you some wedding photos and some about what I love about my hubby today, so that you get a glimpse of our special occasion and of him, and some highlights of our marriage.




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I love you Chantry, thank you for all the love you give. I see how much you love me daily, even when I may not feel it at the time. You complete the parts of me where I am weakest or make these stronger. God knew what He was doing when He put us together, and I am grateful for that. You will always be my “Beu duke” that I fell in love with the day we first met. I love you “Mr, Sexy pants” Happy Aniversary my love!!!! Here’s to many more years together and until the end!

Some facts on our wedding day:

– he cried the entire ceremony he was so happy.

-we got married in our home church (and where we met). Our pastor officiated the wedding. 

– attendance was about 150, but we invited about 200. So good turnout.

 -we paid our church youth group as a fundraiser to help serve food during the luncheon afterwards.

– our wedding was under $2,000 (we hit up sales and people we knew for deals).

– the best man and other wedding party attendees filled the convertible car with balloons, but these were contained with siren wrap while the roof was down. When we left the church, bubbles blown and people cheering we were about to drive off when I was told the pastor would not allow balloons to be all over the parking lot/grounds (church was next day) so we couldn’t release all the balloons as we sped away. But a few got loose! It was surreal.
-after leaving the church his beat up Chevrolet convertible finally gave up the ghost on our way to our duplex and we had to hitch hike to our house. (Too funny).

-we ate out at a four star restaurant. My hubby changed back into his tuxedo to eat there and I just dawned on a pretty dress.

– we joined my cousin and a childhood friend at a local restaurant for drinks (even though we didn’t drink-well maybe a sip lol). It was fun to just sit with them and talk as my cousin is from NY and I hadn’t seen her for years.

– something I am proud of is that my hubby is my first. I am going to be bold and say that. Waiting for that special someone to share your life and bed with is worth the wait. I was glad we waited til the rings were on the fingers. It wasn’t easy, especially for him, but God is good.

Our Marriage thus far:

– we haven’t had a full fledged yell at eachother fight, although we have had disagreements or hurt each others feelings.

-we always forgive eachother even for the silliest things.

– we have to fight to keep date nights in order and “us” time when we can.

– God must be foremost in our lives, even when we don’t acknowledge it like we should sometimes. God is the perfect example of marriage-his love never fails.

– we have had to pray over our home, literally because 2 divorces that we know of happened with couples in the home before us. So any spirit of separation needed to be put in God’s hands.

-marriage takes work, prayer and sacrifice. Daily we must sacrifice our wants for realizing our needs or whats truly best.

Thank you for reading and sharing this day of celebration with us!~


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11 thoughts on “Celebrating 4 years of Marriage

  1. Hi Rachel Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! I love all that you shared about your wedding and your marriage. I see you have built your marriage on a strong foundation of the Lord. All of your sacrifices,choices, and prayers will definitely be a blessing for your marriage. Thanks for sharing! I loved what you shared about waiting for your wedding night, and praying against the spirit of divorce. I will be sharing this post on my Facebook page. ~Sherri

  2. Happy Belated 4 Years of Joy, Happiness and Marriage, Rachel!! I loved reading this story and especially all of your photos. You were such a pretty bride and I like the long hair. Also, red is my favorite color so your bridesmaid dresses were great – so elegant!

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