Back to School and change in everything

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Hello everyone! How has everyone been? I want to welcome all of my new followers- this blog is growing! I can’t wait to check out and follow your blogs as well.
Sorry to be missing in action lately. I didn’t post my usual Tuesday post and I haven’t been around to blogging or instagraming due to the fact that this is back to school week for my husband and 5 year old Nevaeh and so there is the normal paperwork or things to get filled out and in and not to mention a change in routine for everyone. So far Nevaeh and my hubby enjoy school. Nevaeh started Kindergarten on Monday and my hubby started yesterday with some homework in accounting already.
First day of school and waiting on the bus.

One of the things that has just been draining me since this new week is that my 2 year old seems to go to bed whenever. I tried getting him to sleep at 8:30-9 for awhile, but somedays his bed time is later than that. He sometimes naps later than 1 therefore resulting in a later bedtime or he wakes in the middle of the night making it rough. At least he is starting to potty train and go more and more in his potty daily, it’s a long road but he will get there. He did go number 2 this morning for the first time, so that is a plus.
Potty training busy man (picture taken right after he went number 2 in the potty for the first time). WOOHOOO!!!
The twins don’t have a change in naptime routine yet, thank goodness.

I guess I need to get them outside more to let them expend energy, and nap or blog when they are all napping.
Has anyone else’s routine changed a lot? For your kids? Let me know if you have any tips!
Rachel xo

Casual does it….

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Hello everyone, how are you? I am doing good, so no complaining here. Actually, life has been pretty good this past week. Sure there has been some rough spots here and there but nothing you probably care to hear about.
I have been feeling more challenged in my faith in that I am applying Gods word more to my life, or been challenged to be more intentional. Last Sunday my hubby and I watched the movie “God’s Not Dead.” WHOA! we cried most of the film. My hubby and I have felt so far from where we used to be with our relationship  with God. By the end of the film the Holy Spirit just tugged at us. The power of the holy ghost filled me til over the brim with knowing the things in my life that I needed to work out, one being just follow Jesus  and Gods word and remain in t daily so as to know truth, God’s truth in this world of wickedness, and so to ward off the principalities of darkness. This is just my conviction, and opinion, but do see this new film and be changed and challenged whether you are a believer or not.


Anyway, todays dress is from a past collaboration with, only then I styled it more classy and glamorous than what you are viewing now.(You can view the look at the bottom of this post). I traded the silver heels and pearls for a blue beaded necklace, silver punk nail necklace and navy flats. I love the casual change to the dress for that matter.





The perfect Sunday dress once again. I can’t complain at how comfortable it is. What do you think?
Outfit Details: Dress- eShakti c/o//Beaded necklace:: vintage Sara Covington//Spike necklace: gift//Bracelett: gift//Flats: Kenneth Cole (thrifted).

How I styled it in the past:
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What is God calling me to do?

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This post originally contained a lot of TMI (too much information) about  my past with teaching (I was a special education preschool teacher to two and three year olds), but after letting this post sit in my drafts for a few days I felt I needed to change things and just leave out details. Do you ever do that?


With the past being in the past it is still hard not to revisit the horrible feelings I faced towards the final years of teaching full time. I had great moments, and bad. I worked under some hard administration, the pressures of goals and deadlines, and with some challenging students. Don’t get me wrong I loved some days and the students, and other days I didn’t.  To this day I wish I could have done some things different. Right now I am stuck with wondering if I ever will teach full time again one day, and fear grips me. My own lack of self-confidence in my abilities as a teacher kicks in. Will I make the same mistakes? Will I make a difference? Is this what I am suppose to do?


Sunday night, I met with my best friend of 15 years for coffee and just mentioned teaching and the unknowns, when she asked me this compelling question “Do you feel like teaching was what you were called to do? Yes you went to college for it and taught a few years, but is it your calling?” I was dumbfounded. Instead of coming up with excuses why it is or should have been I just answered “well it was a dream of mine all my life, along with being a mom and writer” Her response was “You are so creative! I love seeing your DIY jewelry boards, and blog posts, that could it be that could be a calling in itself. I want to help you get started if you feel it is (to set up ebay, etsy shop and a facebook page). I was so humbled by her question and response to her help that I just didn’t know what to think. All of that sounds like a dream, but is it my calling or just another phase of life, who knows, but it is a start to finding out.

I am encouraged by Jeremiah 29:11- “For  I know the plans I have for you ,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (NIV)

These words are a promise. I know God will show or speak to me when it is time for what He has called for me next but until then I can pray, seek him, and just trust in what He has for me. I know teaching is a stable income, and I also know that writing and creating things is a passion. But what am I to do with these in the future. If you could help me pray for these unknowns that would be a tremendous blessing.

Thank you for your support and prayers.

Rachel xo

Outfit details- Shirt: DKNY jeans (old, TJ MAXX)//Flats: Merona (Target, old)//Purse: Merona (Target, old)//Necklace: Lia Sophia (gift).
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Bow time

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I can never get enough of this dress. I bought it from The Limited four years ago on sale with my hubby. I have worn this to fancy anniversary dinner dates with my hubby, a dance performance recital for Nevaeh and many other occasions. This past Sunday I got to wear it to church and got  nothing but compliments. I was even asked if I was about to attend a wedding. Nope! sorry all my friends are married. If I am ever going to go to a wedding it would be my sisters (Rebekah) as her and her boyfriend hope get hitched after college. Speaking of Rebekah, we bought her this same dress that year to. Rebekah and I are totally soul sisters (she is adopted from China) We both share the love for Michael Kors, fashion, our men are about the same in charisma and humor, and our birthdays areback to back, yada yada. I digress, but check out that sash belt and the white and black reversibility to it.  I do believe this is my hubby’s favorite dress  as well. Score!



I brought out my thrifted Victoria Secret black clutch and thrifted bracelets and heels to complete the silver look to the statement necklace.

DSC01371 DSC01370

I have worn this dress to so many occasions and can’t wait to wear it to my sisters future wedding, unless of course I am in it 😉

Outfit details: Dress: The Limited (old)//Heels: Style &Co (yard sale find)//Bracelets: thrifted gift// Victoria Secret (thrifted).

*Thanks to my sister Annalise for the photos in this post.

Thanks for reading,

 Rachel xo

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DIY star remodel

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Ever since owning a house I have always wanted a metal star to put up on the front of our house but every time I came across one it was either two small or too much money. On my birthday (back in May) my mom found this lovely, rusted rustic brown star at a consignment shop and right away thought of me. I was thrilled to have received it as a gift but knew I needed to do something about the color and rust in order to get it to match our new black roof and black mulched flower bed. On to Lowes we went.


We bought the following, High Perfomance black enamel spray paint and grey primer. We already had newspaper and sandpaper to complete this project.


First my hubby sanded down the rust spots with sand paper.


Then he applied a rag to brush off the shavings. Finally the star was laid on newspaper for painting.


The grey spray on primer was used first for a silvery grey effect.



Let it set in or dry for about 10 minutes


Apply the flat black enamel spray paint on top to create an almost rustic look.


This is the final product hanging in between the two bedroom windows at the front of our house.

I know this project is super easy, and almost not worth posting but I am so proud of the result. The beautiful star adds character to an otherwise boring ranch style home.

What kind of exterior decorations do you have up?

Thanks for reading, Rachel.

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Back to School: Hubby to college

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Today’s post is part of Keri’s Back to School link up. Normally when you think of back to school publications you think, primary or secondary school. Well today’s post is on celebrating my hubby starting back in college for a bachelors in Business management.

My hubby has taken a year off from schooling, until now (obviously). He received his associates in general studies through our local two year college but is now a transfer student in a 4 year private college just a few miles from our house.

Bragging alert! Bragging on my hubby here, well ok, more like the power of God. For years my hubby has wanted to pursue a bachelors in teaching and then a masters in educational leadership and at the same university that I graduated from (Radford Univesity). Well recently he was signed up and enrolled in Radford’s educational studies. Everything was set up (with some pain, as no one at Radford seemed to know how to best help him, bless their souls, but he got all set up and ready for attending this fall).

Over the course of a few days a few weeks ago, my hubby kept mentioning that perhaps he would rather go to Roanoke College and change his degree to Business Management. I thought he was crazy. I was ok with the change in study, but schools!? He had worked so hard to get into Radford (a public University about 30 minutes from home). I thought that getting into a private college would be hard for him and a finiacial burden, hello $32,000 a year for schooling.

He did some research and made some phone calls and appointments and since he is a veteran of the Army with GI benefits the Army is able to pay for 60% of his school.  Luckily,his current job pays a good amount per semester, and my hubby applied for financial grants. God allowed it to where my hubby is going to this private college without spending any money. The Army actually pays him to go to school monthly and he gets a book stipend to spend on his books. I mean typing out all of this I am just amazed at how God worked it all out and gave Chantry the drive to consider something else and to a college he can actually peddle a bike to and save gas.  Thank you Jesus!

My husband is driven by leadership. He has studied it in his personal time for years, and he loves managing people, being diplomatic and stern mixed with loving when he needs to be. I can’t imagine a better field for him. Another plus is this opportunity allows him to fulfill the dreams he has had to open small businesses one day and allow others to then manage them under his supervision.  In his current job, this kind of degree would allow him to move up to supervisor positions within the company as well.

With all of that said, today we go to tour his new college with a tour guide. I am anxious to experience the whole campus with him and our kids today. Below are some photos taken on campus last week. A big thanks goes out to a random math professor who offered to do family photos for us.  I can’t wait to set up a professional photo shoot her in a few weeks with an amazing photographer I have been in contact with.


My son Xander10448198_10100953990128243_608765241080304845_n

My son Max

10363361_10100953990148203_400498134365435497_nOur Nevaeh


Finally, Elizabeth



Now comes the scary part as a stay at home mom. My hubby works a late night job, sleeps most of the morning, spends the afternoon with us and then goes to work, sometimes working most of his Saturdays too. When he starts school I don’t know how much we will see of him. Nevaeh will be in school (starting Kindergarten) but what to do with the 3 toddlers all day and have sanity is another story.  I am not sure I will have the strengfh in me to blog as much soon. I know God will get us all thru but any advice would be.

Rachel xo

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My hubby thinks it’s..

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Sexy! My hubby is referring to the look you see in this post. I wore this to church Sunday and felt a bit awkward in it as I felt it may have put out a provocative vibe, but my hubby assured me that it looked too classy at the same time to give off some naughty vibes. It turned out to be the perfect look for a indoor cookout after church.



Lately, I have been showing you seasonal transition wardrobe pieces, from last post here to todays. It has been raining here forever, so wearing a mixture of summery and cooler weather clothes has been on my mind. If I had been smart enough I should have planned a link up or something on this, but life is crazy for now. Maybe, in the future. What are your thoughts? Anyone else doing a link up like that now that you know of?



As far as my Monday has gone, we ended up not going on the college tour (for my hubby, read post here) because of the rain. Elizabeth has had a fever and been fussy for most of the day so my mom was gracious enough to watch the other kids while I took Elizabeth to the doctor. It turned out to just be a cold, there were no signs of ear ache or sore throat like we thought. My mom paid for my meal at a local restaurant called McAlisters (kids eat free on Mondays) and in general it was nice to spend time with her.

Outfit details: Dress: Michael Michael Kors (old, MK outlet store)//Boots: Kensie (thrifted, gift)//Purse: Michael Kors, Hamilton bag (wedding gift from NY)//Belt: Michael Michael Kors (came with the dress)//Brown stone pendant necklace (vintage Sarah Covington)//Silver & Gold plated necklace: Lia Sophia (gift).

Also thanks to everyone who entered the $60 Target giftcard giveaway. The winner is Jodi Weismann! (Jodi, Keri should have contacted you by e-mail). To all the entrants I plan on hosting or co-hosting more giveaways in the future, so stick around. I have enjoyed getting to know a few new followers on instagram (here). If you have a small or even big business and want to promote your product through giveaways or for my review see my sponsor/collaborate page here and I would be happy to work with you.

Thanks for reading!

Rachel xo
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