Celebrating my twins on National twin day & dxmall winners

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Growing up I had always wanted twins. I liked having twin barbies (usually thrifted) twin life-sized dolls and I even enjoyed the Sweet Valley twins novels. As my love for writing ensued and as I began to write novels I usually incorporated twins (usually a boy & girl) as a part of the story. Little did I know, that God was writing my story. I was to become the characters in my books, I would be the mom I dreamed and wrote about. God gave me Elizabeth and Max.

(Photo courtesy of Broderick Munsey of our Max and Elizabeth at a month old)IMG_4475

This post is dedicated to my twins, this day on National twin day. I am thankful to Katherine (a fashion & lifestyle blogger, a twin herself and mommy to twins-a boy and girl) who reminded me of this twin day on facebook and instagram today. Thanks Katherine.(check out her blog here for style, recipes and life with the kiddos).

(Photo courtesy of Broderick Munsey of our Max at a month old)

(Photo courtesy of Broderick Munsey of Elizabeth at a month old)
Let’s start from the beginning shall we. I thought I was pregnant with twins around 6 weeks or so as I had been sick ALL day long for days on end. It was harder than my singleton pregnancy with my now two year old Xander, my first child. I wrote it off as a second pregnancy kind of ordeal, but in the back of my mind I was certain it had to be twins. I looked up twin information online even before the first ultrasound.
When the first ultrasound came along I was the first to notice the two sacks before the nurses, and once they found the sacs clearly, they confirmed to me that there was in fact two heartbeats. My hubby and I were in shock but excited at the same time. We immediately called or text messaged our family and close friends.

First Ultrasound shot:

During the weeks and months after that I spent countless times in the hospital overnight or in triage for a few days. (as my blood pressure was high at some points and I needed monitoring for liver levels), each time I was sent home. An at risk pregnancy case, with hypertension issues. I went and had two ultrasounds each week during my second and third trimester, because the doctors worried that Elizabeth wasn’t growing like Max. We prayed about what to do as we worried for her life and Max’s saftety. At one point we consented to an amniocentesis which is a procedure where the doctor takes a needle and collects amniotic fluids to check out the possibility of infections, chromosomal abnormalities or any other life threatening diagnosis. To God’s grace Elizabeth had nothing wrong with her, but that perhaps Max was just taking all of the nutrients for himself.

32 weeks pregnant at a baby shower for the twins:

As the third trimester began the doctors started seeing more progress with Elizabeths growth and so they were satisfied. However, my health continued to suffer. I was not only huge and miserable but my blood pressure was a roller coaster. It would be high and then normal, then high again. I have never been forceful in my life, but at one point I demanded from one resident doctor to know what was wrong with me. I was then sent back to the hospital for more tests. I didn’t stay over night that time but later that week a planned C-section was scheduled for 37 weeks.
When the week came to go to the hospital for the planned C-section, I received news that I could go another week. In a rage I told a few doctors that I thought that was ridicoulous. (Yes, I was being selfish). I threw a hissy fit. I guess I don’t like plans to be changed on me after weeks of telling me when the babies are due. Then I received a phone call two days before the once planned C-section. The doctor told me my kidney levels were high again and that I needed to go ahead ad have the twins delivered at 37 weeks.
On Thursday, May 16 my babies were born at 9 am by C-section. Elizabeth came first weighing in at 5’4 and then Max at 5’13, they were a minute apart. They were beautiful to behold. The twins I had always wanted were in my arms and world and I couldn’t have been more thrilled. They were healthy and adjusted well to this world.

(Photo courtesy of my cousin Taylor Petty)


 The twins are now15 months old. Wow! where did time go? They are walking, busy little people. They love each other, like getting into things, and seldom fight over toys or mommy and daddies attention. If I had to describe their personalities I would say the following:
Elizabeth is generally sweet, but strong-willed. She loves cuddles, doesn’t mind being dressed up, is starting to explore baby dolls and loves fruits and vegetables. Max is generally sweet and sensitive, but fearless. He will do and try anything head on. He is very determined and at times can be strong-willed. Max likes to play with balls, get into the Tupperware cabinet and play with any toy available. Max will eat anything but green vegetables.
Both twins still take a whole milk bottle (6 ozs) before nap and bedtime and when first waking up. They sleep through the night and are due for their 15 month check-up. In general, I am so happy with them. I can’t thank God enough for my babies. I believe that He makes me stronger each day as I know I need it. God is good. Happy national twin day to my babies!

So tell me do twins run in your family?
I have recently been asked on my instagram (here) >numerous times who won my dxmall.com giftcard giveaway. Since this might be peaking your curiousity to the winners are:
Ada F.-$50
Katherine G-$40
Becky G-$30
Congratulations ladies! The winners were notified by e-mail and accepted. Happy shopping! If you didn’t win then stick around for a HUGE giveaway I am doing with 11 other bloggers on Tuesday. It is so HUGE and nice that even I am jealous for the winner. Come back Tuesday though to enter and read up on some good Back to School ideas.
Rachel xo


10 thoughts on “Celebrating my twins on National twin day & dxmall winners

  1. You are to sweet Rachel! Thank you for the introduction. 🙂
    I loved reading your story about twins. I’ve always sacred twins too! Max and Elizabeth are so blessed to have you as their mommy. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. My husband is a twin and after hearing my mother-in-law’s stories, I did not want twins! However these photos of your babies are just too precious! I love it!

  3. I admire you for the day-to-day craziness you have to be experiencing with 3 little ones! I actually fear having twins because I don’t know if I could handle it. I know God would give me the strength, but wow. I don’t know how you do it! Sweet pictures of your littles!

  4. OMG i am oohing and ahhing over the photos of your gorgeous twins at 1 month old. So cool that you write novels, too. A part of me always wanted a set of twins at a time, perfectly a boy and a girl, just like you. But after becoming a mom I realize that even having one baby at once is a lot of hard work. And yes twins run in my family, usually not identical twins. But twins in my family are either both boys or both girls. Loved reading this and Happy Belated Twin Days to your beautiful Max and Elizabeth!! I love their names.

    P.S. They are super lucky that you are their mamma. I mean it.

    P.P.S. I am soooooooooo happy I won the giveaway. =)

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