The day I met a boy

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Five years ago I went out on my first date with this boy. I typed out a HUGE post about how we met too, when wordpress decided not to save anything even after hitting the save button a million times. I guess I need to back everything I type in a word document until I can figure out whats going on. So please bare with me.

But until then here is a short summary of how we met:
We met at a church picnic (I thought he was a hunk, had heard of him before but thought he was dating someone else-wrong! We hit it off well).

I asked him out a week later after he gave me his number at church

Our first date was Monday August 3, 2009. We got coffee, played putt putt golf and went on a small hike. I kissed him on our first date.
We dated for 3 months and got engaged.
The engagement was 8 months long and then we married.
To the boy I met five years ago- I love you Chantry!!!!

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Rachel xo


6 thoughts on “The day I met a boy

  1. Awww thats sweet 🙂 Similar to my own story… me and mine Started dating July 1990, got engaged a month later, was engaged for 10 months and then got married in June of 1991 and 23 years later we’re still just as in love but it’s a deeper love! Happy for you! Never let go!

  2. What a sweet sweet post. Though I still recognize you both, look at these baby-faced photos you two. Congrats on 5 amazing years together and 4 children together!!

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