Back to School: Hubby to college

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Today’s post is part of Keri’s Back to School link up. Normally when you think of back to school publications you think, primary or secondary school. Well today’s post is on celebrating my hubby starting back in college for a bachelors in Business management.

My hubby has taken a year off from schooling, until now (obviously). He received his associates in general studies through our local two year college but is now a transfer student in a 4 year private college just a few miles from our house.

Bragging alert! Bragging on my hubby here, well ok, more like the power of God. For years my hubby has wanted to pursue a bachelors in teaching and then a masters in educational leadership and at the same university that I graduated from (Radford Univesity). Well recently he was signed up and enrolled in Radford’s educational studies. Everything was set up (with some pain, as no one at Radford seemed to know how to best help him, bless their souls, but he got all set up and ready for attending this fall).

Over the course of a few days a few weeks ago, my hubby kept mentioning that perhaps he would rather go to Roanoke College and change his degree to Business Management. I thought he was crazy. I was ok with the change in study, but schools!? He had worked so hard to get into Radford (a public University about 30 minutes from home). I thought that getting into a private college would be hard for him and a finiacial burden, hello $32,000 a year for schooling.

He did some research and made some phone calls and appointments and since he is a veteran of the Army with GI benefits the Army is able to pay for 60% of his school.  Luckily,his current job pays a good amount per semester, and my hubby applied for financial grants. God allowed it to where my hubby is going to this private college without spending any money. The Army actually pays him to go to school monthly and he gets a book stipend to spend on his books. I mean typing out all of this I am just amazed at how God worked it all out and gave Chantry the drive to consider something else and to a college he can actually peddle a bike to and save gas.  Thank you Jesus!

My husband is driven by leadership. He has studied it in his personal time for years, and he loves managing people, being diplomatic and stern mixed with loving when he needs to be. I can’t imagine a better field for him. Another plus is this opportunity allows him to fulfill the dreams he has had to open small businesses one day and allow others to then manage them under his supervision.  In his current job, this kind of degree would allow him to move up to supervisor positions within the company as well.

With all of that said, today we go to tour his new college with a tour guide. I am anxious to experience the whole campus with him and our kids today. Below are some photos taken on campus last week. A big thanks goes out to a random math professor who offered to do family photos for us.  I can’t wait to set up a professional photo shoot her in a few weeks with an amazing photographer I have been in contact with.


My son Xander10448198_10100953990128243_608765241080304845_n

My son Max

10363361_10100953990148203_400498134365435497_nOur Nevaeh


Finally, Elizabeth



Now comes the scary part as a stay at home mom. My hubby works a late night job, sleeps most of the morning, spends the afternoon with us and then goes to work, sometimes working most of his Saturdays too. When he starts school I don’t know how much we will see of him. Nevaeh will be in school (starting Kindergarten) but what to do with the 3 toddlers all day and have sanity is another story.  I am not sure I will have the strengfh in me to blog as much soon. I know God will get us all thru but any advice would be.

Rachel xo

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6 thoughts on “Back to School: Hubby to college

  1. So exciting! Hang in there as the days get busy. We had a little season of that during my husbands spring semester when he worked all day and then evening classes. It was hard- I won’t lie- but we made it through! I think mentally preparing myself helped a lot!

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