What is God calling me to do?

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This post originally contained a lot of TMI (too much information) about  my past with teaching (I was a special education preschool teacher to two and three year olds), but after letting this post sit in my drafts for a few days I felt I needed to change things and just leave out details. Do you ever do that?


With the past being in the past it is still hard not to revisit the horrible feelings I faced towards the final years of teaching full time. I had great moments, and bad. I worked under some hard administration, the pressures of goals and deadlines, and with some challenging students. Don’t get me wrong I loved some days and the students, and other days I didn’t.  To this day I wish I could have done some things different. Right now I am stuck with wondering if I ever will teach full time again one day, and fear grips me. My own lack of self-confidence in my abilities as a teacher kicks in. Will I make the same mistakes? Will I make a difference? Is this what I am suppose to do?


Sunday night, I met with my best friend of 15 years for coffee and just mentioned teaching and the unknowns, when she asked me this compelling question “Do you feel like teaching was what you were called to do? Yes you went to college for it and taught a few years, but is it your calling?” I was dumbfounded. Instead of coming up with excuses why it is or should have been I just answered “well it was a dream of mine all my life, along with being a mom and writer” Her response was “You are so creative! I love seeing your DIY jewelry boards, and blog posts, that could it be that could be a calling in itself. I want to help you get started if you feel it is (to set up ebay, etsy shop and a facebook page). I was so humbled by her question and response to her help that I just didn’t know what to think. All of that sounds like a dream, but is it my calling or just another phase of life, who knows, but it is a start to finding out.

I am encouraged by Jeremiah 29:11- “For  I know the plans I have for you ,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (NIV)

These words are a promise. I know God will show or speak to me when it is time for what He has called for me next but until then I can pray, seek him, and just trust in what He has for me. I know teaching is a stable income, and I also know that writing and creating things is a passion. But what am I to do with these in the future. If you could help me pray for these unknowns that would be a tremendous blessing.

Thank you for your support and prayers.

Rachel xo

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9 thoughts on “What is God calling me to do?

  1. I do that quite often, where I will go back to a blog post in my draft folder and delete things and then publish it! I am afraid of putting my full heart out there sometimes in blogland. I was laid off earlier this year and my husband and I decided to make me a sahm (although, my daughter is now in full day Kindergarten)… SO, I have been thinking a lot about what I want to do to earn a little money. I don’t think I want to go back to Corporateville and what I was doing, but I too have been thinking about an Etsy shop. I just really need to devote some time to my idea! Good luck!!

  2. It’s always hard to wait and see what God’s plan is for your life. I feel like I’m in somewhat of a similar situation to you. I actually got a degree in music education, I couldn’t find a job so I was a substitute teacher for a number of years. It got so draining on me at the end and I didn’t look forward to it as I did when I first started. It caused me a lot of anxiety and just wasn’t something I enjoyed anymore. After much thought, I decided not to renew my teaching license and am now an office manager at a medical office. I am happy with my job and enjoy coming to work every day, but it gets especially hard when I get to talking with others about what my major in college was and why I’m not teaching now. There are even people who have told me what a shame and a waste of all your training and education! It makes me so mad and then I get doubts on what I’m doing in my life. Eventually we just have to trust that we are exactly where God wants us to be in life and He will lead us to opportunities He wants us to pursue. I will pray for your decisions and guidance!!

  3. I do not believe in a God but I do believe in philosophy and a wise Greek guy (Heraclitus) once said “Everything flows”. In other words (what a psychologist once told me): You can’t push the river.
    That means life will always go on and you will always find yourself in new situations facing new challenges and everything happens for a reason at a certain time.
    If DIY projects is what you love, I’m sure you will end up starting a business. If teaching makes you happy you will find yourself in front of a class again one day.
    As you believe in God I would say: let him lead you the way. Life will take you where you need to be 😉

  4. So glad you shared this, Rachel. I’ve been struggling with some of the same questions. What is my calling? Am I using my gifts, time and resources for God’s glory? I shared this in my post Let Go and Let God. Ultimately, I think when we focus on our relationship with Him and seek Him first, He will bring clarity and make your path clear. ~Cynthia

  5. I’ve been wondering the same thing as I take steps to finishing my degree and I’ve already worked for schools as the DMC teacher/ AP Secretary. It was hard and there were some insane situations. I also loved the school I was with and miss those good moments. I’m just trying not to worry about it, do all that I can to prepare myself for what God has in store for me and let Him lead the way. That’s all I can do, right? *winky face*

  6. Thank you for sharing your story – I too left a teaching position and struggle with this issue daily. In fact I just recently asked my husband “what if this blog and related opportunities are what God wants me to do?” Thank you again for your encouraging words – it is nice to meet a fellow blogger and sister in Christ facing similar struggles!
    Thank you for your kind words and support of my blog as well!
    PS – your top is so cute and these pics are great! Xx, Heather. http://www.alittlecasual.com

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