Back to School and change in everything

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Hello everyone! How has everyone been? I want to welcome all of my new followers- this blog is growing! I can’t wait to check out and follow your blogs as well.
Sorry to be missing in action lately. I didn’t post my usual Tuesday post and I haven’t been around to blogging or instagraming due to the fact that this is back to school week for my husband and 5 year old Nevaeh and so there is the normal paperwork or things to get filled out and in and not to mention a change in routine for everyone. So far Nevaeh and my hubby enjoy school. Nevaeh started Kindergarten on Monday and my hubby started yesterday with some homework in accounting already.
First day of school and waiting on the bus.

One of the things that has just been draining me since this new week is that my 2 year old seems to go to bed whenever. I tried getting him to sleep at 8:30-9 for awhile, but somedays his bed time is later than that. He sometimes naps later than 1 therefore resulting in a later bedtime or he wakes in the middle of the night making it rough. At least he is starting to potty train and go more and more in his potty daily, it’s a long road but he will get there. He did go number 2 this morning for the first time, so that is a plus.
Potty training busy man (picture taken right after he went number 2 in the potty for the first time). WOOHOOO!!!
The twins don’t have a change in naptime routine yet, thank goodness.

I guess I need to get them outside more to let them expend energy, and nap or blog when they are all napping.
Has anyone else’s routine changed a lot? For your kids? Let me know if you have any tips!
Rachel xo


8 thoughts on “Back to School and change in everything

  1. When mine were young they would go back and forth on going to bed really good, then once in awhile for a few weeks they would not go to bed as good. I really tried to not let them nap too late in the day, too! I used to put my kids down to bed at 7:30pm when they were little… now they are down at 8:30pm and I have a 5 and 8 yr old. I do love having a little time to myself in the evening.

  2. How cute Is Nevaeh on her first day of school?! Love her little boots!! Hopefully youll get into a steady routine soon!

    ❤ Shannon

  3. So sweet of you to welcome your new readers. Glad your blog is growing. How old is Nevaeh? Good luck to her on her first day back to school. Loving the pictures of all the kids. They make me happy.

    Hope you and your adorable family have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!! God Bless. ❤ Ada.

  4. Your kids are adorable and your daughter looks so cute in her rain gear for the first day of school! Hope that things fall into a better routine for you soon!


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