DIY letter G pumpkin fall decor


I will be the first to admit that I love fall and fall décor over any holiday or season but I have a tough time coming up with the motivation, time and money to come up with fall décor. I am so glad a group of blogging friends came up with a Fall Décor link up (see below to link up) as this was the perfect motivator for me to create a project I have had in mind for a month, and it was free to do, meaning I had all the materials on hand and the pumpkin was given to us from our neighbor who grows them. Today, I will be showing you my DIY letter G (for Garay) on a pumpkin decoration and my thoughts afterwards.

Materials needed:


Newspaper or paper

Pencil (for outlining the letter)

Paint (I used black acrylic gloss paint as I had it on hand from previous DIY projects)


Stencil (even though I just sort of free handed it using this pin as a helpful tool)



Like I mentioned above I used this pin as a guide to create my G and I just free handed my outline of a G with a pencil.


Then I started painting in the G.


The result:


This project took less than 10 minutes and was super easy. I cannot wait to get some mums plants surrounding this bad boy. In the future I might paint a pumpkin white or gather whiter pumpkins and paint a G or monogrammed G and surround the pumpkin with littler pumpkins. I could also use a bigger pumpkin as this one was a pie pumpkin.

Thanks for reading. If you have any fall décor be sure to link up below.

Rachel xo
Here is one of the links to link up to.

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