Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me link up 10

Today I welcome you to my fourth link up of “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me” (click on the link to view older featured bloggers). I enjoy reading other blogs and being inspired, but as promised I chose 5 bloggers who linked up to feature this time around (thank you to all 18 that linked up to my third one last Tuesday).
Lately, I have been doing this link up series every Tuesday, but as this coming week and weekend are going to be busy for me I will not be featuring “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me” link up next Tuesday, but I plan on getting things back in full swing again the following Tuesday. You can link up as many posts as you want until then. I just want you to enjoy your Halloween (if you celebrate it) and its nice to take a break for a bit- but don’t worry I will be visiting your posts and commenting away.
To link up follow the rules below, link up, visit some of the other bloggers linked up and have fun. I can’t wait to see your posts. Here are todays featured bloggers. Enjoy!


Dawn Lucy of linked up a cozy fall look and is not only sporting her adorable new fringe sweater (which I love) but her new reading glasses. I have been dreaming for awhile to own a comfy and cozy sweater like Dawns for awhile now, and she just looks absolutely cute in hers.  To read up more on what she is up to with these glasses  and look check out her post here.

DIY Tutorial/Fashion:

I am glad to have recently met and been in contact with blogger Amanda of She not only reminds me of my childhood friend in personality and looks but she is just a fun loving person with a fun blog. Today I am featuring her DIY tutorial on how to turn a scarf into a vest. I tried this yesterday and just loved how easy peasy it was, and I wore my scarf like that over distressed flared jeans and simple shirt while running errands. I will post her picture and then mine below it showing off the results.
scarf 4
Thank you Amanda for helping me remix my scarf, I can’t wait to try this with my other scarves soon. You can check out her tutorial post here.


Shannon, of linked up a post on her travel adventures to Manhattan. Her post actually made me want to travel there and NOW! I have been wanting to go to NY for awhile now, but it just doesn’t seem practical with 4 kids that are young right now. But anyway I digress. Shannon takes you on a tour to her subway adventures, cupcake shops, NY style pizza shops and much more. You can visit her post here to read up on more of her trip with her hubby.

DIY crafts/Home Tour:


If you love DIY crafts or décor and would love to get some daily inspiration then hop on over to Carrie of as she posts beautiful tutorials and works and the above is just some of her work.  I just love how creative she is throughout her home, and how each year she brings out past DIY décor and festive DIY décor to brighten up the home and share in the holiday festivities.  Instead of telling you what she has done in the above picture you can instead visit her post here to find out. There you are on an assignment. Also this post is photo heavy of not only her crafts but home as well as she celebrates this fall holiday Halloween.

Love Story:


Cynthia of linked up a touching story of how she and her hubby met, this post also reveals Cynthia’s gift to her hubby as they celebrate 13 years of marriage, so hop on over to her post here and wish her and her hubby a Happy Anniversary and see what she is giving to him.

Thank you for coming by today and for linking up, I hope you meet some amazing sweet new bloggers and become inspired yourself. Now please take a look at the rules, link up and check back here on Tuesdays to see who I have featured. Yours could be one of 5. Thanks!

Rules of the link up are as follows:

1). Please link up recent posts and include the link up button or post this URL link back on your blog. The posts can be about fashion, DIY projects, recipes, inspiration, tips, etc. *If you link up other link ups or giveaways please be sure you share this link up on your link up post to share the blog love and I will be sure to link up to yours. Also please follow me in the below social medias and let me know how you are following and I will follow back. Thank you!

2). Please follow your host Rachel of Garay Treasures either by Bloglovin, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter or all.
Comment below and let me know how you are following so I can follow back.

3). Stop by and check out the other bloggers who have linked up and be inspired.

4).Depending on how many link up I will feature 5 bloggers and their posts for my next “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me” link-up or series.

5). Have fun! Comment below if you have any questions! Thanks for linking up!

*** Somehow if you don’t see the image/button to link up below this message but a box with an X click on that and it will take you to the link up page. Thanks!!****

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19 thoughts on “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me link up 10

  1. I LOVE READING THESE POSTS ON YOUR WEEKLY LINK-UP BECAUSE YOU WRITE THEM SO WELL. Love that this week you decided your inspirational bloggers in different categories. Cynthia does have a beautiful family and a great love story but you do also.

    Have a Great Tuesday my friend. Such pleasure being here!

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  3. Great picks!! A few I haven’t read before so I will definitely have to check them out! 🙂

    ❤ Shannon

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  5. Rachel, Thank you so much for the kind words! I am happy to have become blogging buddies as well! You can always put a smile on my face with the sweet things you say! I am looking forward to checking out the other ladies featured too, (as soon as I get through my statistics test on Thursday- eek!).
    Enjoy your week! And also, I am loving how your scarf picture turned out! Your scarf was a perfect match for the distressed jeans!
    XO Amanda | Sans Scrubs

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  7. I love this link up!! Thank you for stopping by my blog so I could find you!! I linked up today too! I followed you as well and am excited to see more of your Wednesday link up! What a great way to get to know other bloggers! Blessings, Susan

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