The start of Christmas traditions

I don’t normally post on Wednesdays and it has been awhile since posting a non- outfit post but I wanted to link up a Christmas related post to a link up hosted by a bunch of my blogging buddies and to let you all in on real life stuff, like making holiday traditions with my hubby and children.
I shared with you our ornament tradition here, but I wanted to let you know that there are some simple traditions we would like to start as these were so successful and fun over the weekend.

I will let the pictures do the talking with a few inserts here and there.


Christmas lights viewing- we went out of town just a bit to see some Christmas lights displays. The babies enjoyed it.


Each year my former church puts on “Scrooge” as in exactly like the movie Scrooge, same dances and songs and characters, all the while sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to thousands of people that attend each showing (3 performances total) my kids and hubby had not seen it and they LOVED it (well minus twins as they were a handful and spent more time in the lobby between supervision of the hubby and I). Xanders favorite was the “Ghost of Jacob Marley” so we were honored to meet him. *I was in Scrooge years ago with this church and had a blast, so it was a thrill to go back and see it again and reconnect with my old cast members/church members again*


Making Gingerbread cookies using just Pillsbury premade dough, Betty Crocker Vanilla Frosting and sprinkles. Our neighbors kids came by to help and eat and enjoy the fun. While the cookies baked I read the story of the “Gingerbread Man” on a site online as our local libraries had no copies available.


Decorating and eating the gingerbread men were the best part.


DSC01961 DSC01963 DSC01978

The cookies were gone that night, between the kids, neighbors and their kids I would say it was a yummy success, and definitely worth trying every year.

Growing up I always enjoyed “National Lapoons: Christmas Vacation” around the holidays and since my hubby had not seen it before it was a treat to watch it with him while the kids were asleep for the night. He LOVED IT! I thought he would.

What are your favorite holiday traditions? What are some of your new ones? Old ones?

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12 thoughts on “The start of Christmas traditions

  1. I have a really good homemade gingerbread recipe a friend gave me that I may every year. We have been watching the National Lampoon’s Christmas, it was on ABC tonight and we were still cracking up, even though we just watched it last week. I can’t believe your husband hadn’t seen it yet!

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