Nothing on Clark Kent and Velma

I normally have a hard time coming up with the first few sentences and introduction to my blog (fact!). Sometimes the title is the challenging part, but today all I can think about is Clark Kent and Velma. You must be asking yourself why? and maybe its because these two icons are not only awesome, smart and dorky but wear glasses, and I just adore them as icons.
Nothing on Clark Kent and Velma, but today, you are getting your first glimpse of me in glasses here on the blog. Fact, I am near sighted but cannot, I repeat CANNOT see ANYTHING but blurred visions far away, so I normally wear prescription glasses. A few months ago I made a visit to my eye doctor and purchased not only some contacts (which I normally wear) but some glasses, and I actually like them and learned a bit about how face and eye shape can either make or break the way glasses will look on you, so at that appointment I was careful to select squared shaped ones, with the help of the sales attendant. I came away with some nice ones.
A few weeks ago I was contacted by a Global Online optical store called to select a pair of glasses to review. Taking my knowledge from my appointment a few months back I carefully selected the ones that you see pictured on me.


I choose this pair here because I wanted something dark with some brown tones to go with my hair color, and I liked how the shape was similar to my previous bought glasses. On the site there were options to select and enter prescription numbers and PD (pupil distance) numbers for a more accurate lenses clarity. I was lucky to get the prescription numbers from my doctors office but could not get the PD from them so instead I had to have my hubby take a mm ruler and measure this. To measure the PD my hubby had me look straight ahead, and taking the mm ruler to the bridge of my nose he measured the pupil (black dot part of the eye) of my left eye to the right pupil. He must have taken 5 to 6 measurements to be sure it was accurate for me to record on the website before ordering my glasses. Once measurements and prescription was in on the site my glasses were ordered and check this- sent to me within less than a week.

I was highly satisfied with my glasses when they came in. These glasses came in faster than my doctors office glasses (which needed to be specifically ordered and shipped to my doctors office, and took almost 2 weeks) so that says a lot about how I feel about Firmoo’s quick shipment. The glasses prescription is perfect and aligned with what I needed. Not only that but they are cute, different in style from my other pair and just wonderful in power.


I choose to style my glasses with a oversize sweater, and distressed flared jeans for a look of comfort.
The sweater is actually my hubbies, and let me tell you it was all I needed on a cold day like the other day as it was warm enough against the cold winter air to make me feel like I was curled up near the fireplace with a hot cup of coffee. Not only was it so warm (no coat needed) but I felt great in it. My hubby actually thought I looked sexy in his shirt, which is a GREAT thing too.


I had the pleasure of wearing this outfit and glasses out to see the movie “The Hobbit” in theaters with my hubby, and walk around his college campus where these pictures were taken.

Besides our date and the glasses there were many more goodies that came in with my glasses, such as a glasses case, drawstring bag for the case, glassed repair kit with screws and cleaning cloth. I didn’t receive this luxury with my glasses from the eye doctors.


While I might have a hard time coming up with a great catchy blog introduction, I might add that I can end with saying that I am highly satisfied with the service and my glasses from, my hubbies sweater and our date. Nothing on Clark Kent and Velma here.

Do you wear glasses? What shaped glasses do you wear or would like to try? Avaitar? Round? has a selection and shapes for everyone.

Outfit Details: Glasses (c/o hubbies from Old Navy// Pants: gift from a friend//Boots:Kensie Wear (gift)//Necklace: old, gift.

*This post is a sponsored post/collaboration post. I was given a free pair of prescription glasses in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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18 thoughts on “Nothing on Clark Kent and Velma

  1. The glasses look great on you! I used to hate wearing glasses when I was younger, but now I hardly ever wear contacts except for in the summer. My prescription is -9 in both eyes, so we very thing is pretty much a blur for me too without glasses.

  2. This is such a cute post! You look so cute in glasses! I also love that sweater and jeans combo! Thanks for sharing this with Celebrate Southern and Suz ( and I hope to see ya back again this week for another fun link up! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas dear! xoxo I am pinning this look right now onto the Celebrate Southern Pinterest board!

  3. You seriously are encouraging me to order myself a new pair of glasses. I am blind as a bat and cannot see more than like 2 inches in front of my face unless I have my contacts in or glasses on. Unfortunately I’m so clumsy with my glasses that they are currently being taped together with a bandaid so the arm on one side stays on. I would love for you to share your tips with picking the right frame for your face too! I am always so lost on that!
    Glad you are happy with your selection. You look fab!
    Xo Amanda |

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