Bust to Must (Outfit recap of 2014)

As we near a new year I thought I would recap some of  this past years outfits worn on the blog and give you my opinion on what I liked the most and which ones were busts. Naturally, I also like to see how my style has evolved, along with poses and background.


I am going to break down this post starting with the bust photos and then the must photos, with some inserts of my own opinion.


bust1picsCertain patterns just don’t go together, or look good. The last outfit pictured is too plain.
Bust2picsTrying to mix accessories can be tricky when sometimes they just don’t go together well or with the outfit.
Bust3picsNot as great as I thought ….

What was I thinking?


I have recently tried wearing more red in lieu of the holidays and can’t get enough, not only is it a strong color, but it is elegant and a new favorite of mine to wear. I feel confident in red.


I always feel freer or lively in the color blue. To this day blue is my favorite color to wear. I can’t get enough of the looks above. Plus, I can’t get enough of my Michael Kors purses (my favorites).

Sometimes pastels bring out the color in my skin, especially pinks and grays. I wanted to include my bold eShakti dress in (even though it is filled with neon) as it brings out the pink tones in my skin as well. Pink is one of my favorite colors too.
A little dress to add some glamour and sexy is sometimes nice.


Finally, everyday looks. These outfits are what I am comfortable in almost 95% of the time- a good pair or jeans (or leggings) and flats/flip flops (depending on the season) and a comfortable bulky or nice fitting tee.

My overall opinion or observation: I have noticed that in my “bust” photos I tended to wear older clothing (either out of style or just plain) and tried to hard to accessorize them, not giving a care to the out dated or mis-matched accessories used. In my “must photos” I add in a trendier outfit or accessory or favorite color to give off elegance, confidence, etc. I also want to point out that the clearer the background or the more natural my poses (like laughing or smirking) the better or more real and confident I am.

What else do you notice?

Do you have any busts in outfits from this past year? What makes them busts? What do you feel most comfortable in?
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15 thoughts on “Bust to Must (Outfit recap of 2014)

  1. We all have those outfits we look back on and think, “Ohhh no- never again.” Ha! You’re so brave to share ’em here! We live and learn, of course. 🙂

    I love you in both red and blue- although I totally see what you mean about pastels bringing out the color in your skin. 🙂


  2. Love this collection of looks and how you broke them down. It’s so much fun to see how our styles have evolved over the year. I definitely have my share of “what was I thinking?!” looks. Hopefully I’ve learned from my mistakes. Enjoy your New Year’s celebration and wishing you a great 2015! ~Cynthia

  3. One of the things I like about blogging is being able to look back and see how our styles have evolved and what we can do differently. I think you look fabulous in red and I love your new poncho! So cute!

  4. Great round up of this year’s outfits! And we are all our own worst critics… I think your “bust” outfits are still amazing! Especially loving the blue and yellow together. I hope you had a great Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  5. I really like red and blue on you too! Our style does tend to evolve and a good closet purge can be the best way to get the old out and focus on the great pieces we do have 🙂

  6. I usually either LOVE an outfit or I don’t once I look at the photos that were taken… sometimes I think it is more ME then the outfit, like if its a tiring week… I can tell I look tired in the photos. But, sometimes it is the outfit itself, too! Or sometimes even lighting can make a whole outfit look not so grand. Love this post! My favorite outfit of yours is the one with the white fur vest!

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