Recap of the year in blogging and goals for 2015

This past year has been amazing in my personal life and with blogging. I have the privilege of being a mom of 4, learning with my kids each day and growing in my relationship with them daily. I started this blog documenting my love for my household, daily life and fashion. However, because I have read mostly fashion blogs and magazines before actually blogging on this little space my blog has become a fashion and lifestyle niche, with the occasional parenting or DIY posts.

Here is a recap of some of my favorite things about blogging so far:
-meeting new bloggers
-discovering new blogs & link ups
-co-hosting link ups and blog hops
-starting my very own link up on Tuesdays “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me”
-entering GIVEAWAYS, hosting and or co-hosting giveaways
– joining some Blogging community facebook or blog groups
-finding out what my style is as far as outfits and realizing how it evolves.
– collaborating with brands and other bloggers to create “different” and “fun” posts.

As a blogger I have also realized that there are some places I am dissatisfied with while blogging that I think I will list and apply to better work on for you to view, sort of goals for this blog in 2015. Here they are:
-work on content
-provide better quality pictures/poses
– stay true to self and be more authentic not just “here is my favorite outfit” but incorporate more of daily life, feelings, etc.
– be more involved with blogging community groups and give more input.
– grow my blogging views weekly to 1,000 or more as they are now under 800 per week.
– continue to grow my instagram following to 20 new people a week.
-continue to grow my bloglovin following to 5 new followers a week.
– try to get 1,000 followers on instagram-will do a giveaway when this happens.
-try to get 500 followers on bloglovin by the end of 2015
– contribute to more giveaways

-collaborate with other bloggers and brands
– become more organized and set an editorial calendar for future posts.
-learn new camera (saving for, almost have my amount to buy).
-learn how to better reach out to bloggers and brands
-share more of my faith, my belief and love in Christ.

Now that you have viewed a few of my blogging goals, here are a few of my personal life goals:
– continue to implement reward sticker charts and marble jars for doing tasks or for potty training.
– start making sure my 3 toddlers brush their teeth twice a day.
-have a more set routine for the toddlers at home (consistency is so hard for me sometimes)
– clean the playroom and organize it
-pray daily not just at night, but at all times
-start an etsy shop for some of my surprise projects
– trust in God for the future, with my hubbies schooling, job, when or if I will teach full-time again, possibility of some income blogging.
– become better organized
-manage money better as the savings account seems to dwindle lately, watch spending.
-be more available and involved with church functions and my Kindergarteners school functions.

Thank you for sticking with me through these goals. Join me tomorrow as I give you a recap of my favorite posts as that post will be my last one until February (taking January off from blogging to meet some of the above personal life goals).

What are some things you would like to see more on my blog? How can I improve this blog? Is there anything you have liked about this blog? You can comment below or e-mail me at Rachel(dot)garay@me(dot)com to let me know. Thank you!

The $100 Starbucks giftcard loop giveaway on my instagram is almost over, (ends 12/31 at 12am) enter on instagram here. Goodluck and thanks for entering/following.

Rachel xo


15 thoughts on “Recap of the year in blogging and goals for 2015

  1. One thing that you do on your blog is you share your love for Christ and I always enjoy posts where you open up to your faith. I wish I was better at that and I feel it comes naturally from within you. I too want to start an Etsy shop, maybe this will be our year to get our shops up and running! I have A LOT of blog to-do’s and I need to organize them into a list and time frame soon!

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  3. These goals are great! They are specific and straightforward! I bet you will have accomplished all of these by year end! Congrats on the work that you have already done (especially with 4 little ones running around!) and I look forward to more of your work in 2015! Cheers dear! xoxo

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