The Mommy Hook Review & Giveaway

Recently I was introduced to a lifesaving accessory called *The Mommy Hook from
This Hook is a carabiner that can be used to hold several items at once and at the most convienent times. As a mom of four (three being toddlers) it is almost hard to get around lugging a purse, diaper bag and other items, such as grocery bags in a cart with three babes occupying most of the space.



I was impressed when I used this contraption while grocery shopping and it made the packing of grocery bags so much easier as I didn’t have to worry about my toddlers squishing groceries, figuring out where bags go on the cart, etc. The Mommy Hook did the holding for this job, and did it well with more space allotted for more groceries and while also holding my purse. That is four grocery bags and my gigantic purse to be exact, and as you can tell in the picture above there was room for more bags.


Our triple stroller has barely any extra room save a tiny compartment underneath that only holds maybe diapers, and smaller items so when I tried the hook on the rail of the stroller to hold my purse and diaper bag I was pleased. Bingo! Life is easy, as I normally have to carry my purse and diaper bag on my shoulders with the stroller in use.

In the past I used cheaper carabiner type hooks for purposes such as these, but they were not as durable or heavy duty as The Mommy Hook, and would only last a setting or two before breaking under such pressure. The Mommy Hook has been by far the best I have used and biggest. I guarantee you will like it as well which is why the shop for The Mommy Hook is wanting to giveaway 2, that’s right 2 hooks to two lucky winners in the Rafflecopter Link below.

Be sure to follow The Mommy Hook on facebook and enter to win below. Goodluck! The winner will be notified by myself in 7 days and then contacted directly by the company once the winners verify their prizes.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*A Mommy Hook was provided to me in exchange for a review of the Mommy Hook. This product and post is 100% my opinion and not that of The Mommy Hook company. Thank you for supporting my sponsors.

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