Why I took off from blogging in January & Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me link up

Hello and welcome to another “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me” link up, the first one of 2015 to be exact. I am SO EXCITED to bring this link up back that I could throw a party. Bring on the cake, confetti and of course all of yourselves as the guests of honor. I could go for some brownies at just about now thinking about parties. Anyhow enough dreaming of brownies and a party event; I just want to say that I am glad to be back to blogging from here on out after taking a break in January to do other things beside spending a lot of time on this space. I thank many of you for your e-mails, tweets, facebook messages or comments with wishing me well, letting me know you missed me. I missed you guys as well.

The truth of it is this post was suppose to go live last Monday (my first Monday back to blogging) but there was a switch up at the last moment and I ended up co-hosting Mix It Monday with Lauren of @fizzandfrosting, here. So bare with me as I describe a MAJOR reason for my break and please leave any thoughts and link up as you wish.
In January I took the month off from blogging because I was on a fast for the month to just grow in my relationship with the Lord, spend more time with Him and or in prayer while growing in my relationship with my husband and kids.
My fast included staying away from blogging and Instagram as these have been a stronghold on my relationship with God and others this past year. I enjoy these forms of social media but sometimes God wants more of us, and I couldn’t give Him all of me with blogging and instagram constantly tugging me to the responsibilities required.

Sure my blog and Instagram have grown tremendously in a year but I found that I was putting my self-worth into how many followers I had, or lost, on how my content read, pictures looked, promoting, etc, that I knew from prayer that these were areas I needed to step away from for a bit. Let me tell you it was hard on some days. But now I am back and I have some good and not so good stuff to share with you below on the results of the fast or break and some pictures of my sweet kids and I.

The good results of the fast:

1). I began to pray and feel value in myself, not what others thought of me. Sometimes this is a hard area for me as there are always people with opinions about me or about our family. When I found myself doubting who I am as a person, mom or wife it was neat to have God remind me of who I am in Him, that I am valued and doing the best I can.

2).My hubby and I choose to fast sweets, breads and meats as well and therefore sometimes we had to get creative with what we ate.


Lentil tacos- recipe here, fruits, vegtables, noodles, rice, nuts were all a part of our diet. Giving up sweets (especially brownies and cookies were the hardest). Now we didn’t fast to loose weight, but we did loose a few inches.

3). I am a HUGE advocate for the power of confession. For awhile now my hubby and I had some issues in our marriage that we were scared to talk about but God brought the opportune time in church one day and we talked about things and prayed at the alter about it. There is just a closeness and peace in our marriage now that only God could have restored that day, as we gave up our past hurts and forgave each other, God brought us closer.

4). We saw God provide financial blessings when we needed it.

5). I had been praying for order in the home. My wonderful hubby came up with a typed out list of rules for the household a few days ago and so far we have seen improvement with our kids and with remaining consistent. The rules are on the fridge now for the kids (mainly our 5 year old) to see as a daily reminder of “this needs to be done” or “here are the select times for this,” etc.

6). There were some family issues beyond our family unit that God allowed me to talk about with the other family members.

7). As silly as it sounds I prayed for 100 followers on my blog facebook page after starting with 92 before the fast and in one day I reached my 100 just by tweeting, promoting it, inviting more friends. Happy Dance! Thank you, thank you!

8). Going to church on Sundays have been so hard and stressful for months now. I was going to church, of course, but my attitude was not in check. I was grouchy and stressed before church and I felt that this wasn’t the attitude I needed as I needed to go to church to worship God and grow in fellowship and in His word. I finally confessed my struggles to a life group and the matter was prayed over and yesterday was the second Sunday this past month that I felt “peace” “joy” and just a renewal to be in God’s house and in His presence with other believers.

9). I got to enjoy my children without the need to constantly check “e-mails, instagram, bloglovin, etc.”


There are many more things I could tell you, but with fasting and prayer there also comes attacks from the enemy.

-We had our clothes dryer heating element switch stop working- but God brought us a wonderful family who gave us a used dryer for FREE.

-My laptop contracted a virus or something else that several scans could not fix, hence going to a repair shop (I type this on my hubbies laptop).

– my hubby got in a car wreck leaving our second van wrecked and so we are working out the details and praying for a cheap fix or new vehicle.
Another blessing or biggie is celebrating my pastor’s wife Susan as she finally launched her blog that she had been praying to start for 10 years. If you would give her blog a visit and leave her a note of encouragement or welcome into the blog world, I am sure she would deeply appreciate it. She writes about spiritual, physical and emotional wellness. If you are a health guru or even need just a little bit more of encouragement, prayer or refreshment in God’s word from another perspective then visit Susan’s blog here. Knowing her personally, she is always checking up on others, sweet and very thoughtful. I hope you will feel the same about her as you meet her. Thanks friends!

I am glad the good outweighed the bad while I was gone. I cannot wait to check out your blogs again. I have missed you all.

What have you been up to? Have you ever fasted anything?

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31 thoughts on “Why I took off from blogging in January & Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me link up

  1. This was wonderful and refreshing to read! I could use an IG fast too!! Thank you for inspiring me! I love the floral blouse in your last post too! Very pretty! I am glad you saw so many blessings come out of your fast. God is so good(: Susan

  2. Hi Rachel, This was an inspiring post in and of itself even without the link up :). Though I do still love this series. I’m glad your break was so full of blessings and has you back with a renewed look on life. xSam

  3. What a beautifully-written, raw post. Family and our children are the most important thing(s) in the world. I am glad you are back with this inspiring link-up and looking great also because that floral outfit yesterday, was darling!

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  5. Rachel, I appreciate your transparency in your post especially with regard to how we can focus too much on the wrong things when we are blogging. I have already been challenged with this in my short time of blogging so your thoughts were very helpful. I’m so happy about all that God did in your life during your fast, and I know that He will continue to honor what you sacrificed. Thanks so much for introducing me to your blogging friends and community. I look forward to connecting more with them!

  6. It sounds like your time away was very eye-opening and revealing. I am not surprised that the Lord taught you so much during your fast! He is so faithful and teaches us things when we least expect it. However, glad you are back!

  7. I was wanting to ask you why you took a blog break, but decided not to as I felt it wasn’t my business to ask. 🙂 It sounds like the break was worth it on many levels, especially where you grew your relationship with your husband through confession and forgiveness and you had so much more time to focus on your kids and new rules around the home, etc. Maybe one day I’ll talk myself into taking a blogging break… I can’t even seem to take a break even when we go on vacation for a week!! lol!

  8. It’s so hard not to get my self worth caught up in my blog too. It’s something I have to remind myself of all the time and constantly lay before God. I imagine it’s a common struggle. Glad you found some relief from your break and were able to refocus.

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  9. So glad to see you back and that had a nice break with your family! It can definitely get very difficult at times, but glad you got to take some me time and refocus! Praying that your van is an easy fix too!

    ❤ Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  10. I needed to read this today! I went to a stream of the IF gathering last weekend and left feeling so convicted and torn about my blog and how it has become an idol in my life. I know it sounds silly, but it’s true. I am still praying through how to find balance and what that looks like, but for me it was a major heart shift and a break from checking analytics, emails, feeling like I HAVE to post, etc.

  11. I’m glad your back but it looks like your time off was much needed! I’ve really been struggling lately with social media too- comparing myself to others and feeling bad about myself because of it. I really need to keep reminding myself God is in control and He knows what’s best!

  12. I totally know what you mean about equating your self-worth with how many followers gained/lost, content quality, etc. Sometimes a break is just the best thing you can do for your confidence (and your sanity). So sorry to hear about your husband’s car accident – I hope he’s ok!! And also, it’s pretty awesome you guys went veggie for a month. As a vegetarian myself, it’s my duty to urge you to continue your veggie adventure 🙂 So nice to have you back!

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  14. Wow! What a great post and what dedication to sticking to the fast! Those lentil tacos also sound good to me now, too, I have a bag of lentils in my pantry waiting to be cooked. I experienced it a little when I completely turned off my phone for a 2 week long family vacation-no checking instagram (hard for me!). It is a bit shocking how automatic it can become. I really applaud your strength in stepping away and coming back stronger than ever in your mission.

  15. You were so smart to do this! I was actually listening to a podcast the other day about where we get our self worth from. It is so easy to get caught up in the blogging world. I am glad you are back and praying for continued focus for you. You are Amazing!

  16. Such a beautiful post, Rachel! It is so nice to read about your experiences… I struggle with many of the same issues with the pull between blogging, social media usage, life priorities/serving, and making sure God always comes first, a midst the distractions. It is great to know I am not alone in this struggle! Thank you for having the courage and heart to open up about your experiences!

  17. Please never doubt yourself anymore! Even from the distance I can feel your love and support for so many people in your life! You are amazing and I am lucky to meet you and grow as friends together! Let’s think about how we can support each other. I am new to this but I am open to all kinds of possibilities. Take care and keep in touch!



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