Kimono in winter + new favorite boots

Today is a special day as it is our Nevaeh’s birthday today. She is 6! Wow how the time has flown by. To celebrate we will have a small party for her at McDonalds with friends and family on Sunday, so look forward to some pictures next week here on the blog or  Instagram. Love you Nevaeh!

Thank you so much to everyone who left me encouraging comments or thoughts in the last post and link up (you can read more on why and or link up your recent blog post here), as these were much appreciated. I really have missed you all.
Let’s talk about these ankle boots, goodness how I love them and would you believe they are Dansko’s? When I think of Dansko’s shoes I think back to the days of teaching where every teacher in the school I taught at had a pair, or you think of doctors and nurses wearing them and generally I have never been much of a fan of the look of them but knew of their comfort. I didn’t even know Dansko made boots, but a few weeks ago my mother in law generously gave them to me. It was love at first site, and they fit my feet like the slipper must have fit Cinderella-perfect! These shoes are so comfortable too.
This past weekend was so nice as the weather was warming up into the 60’s and then Monday and Tuesday the cold front hit back in and wham out came the boots, leggings (jeans or whatever) and long sleeves again.
But it gave me the excuse to style this Kimono for the winter weather and I actually liked it. I had not worn this Kimono since early fall or late summer (see how I styled it then here).
The added touch was this H&M cross necklace I bought a few months back.
Speaking of H&M tomorrow (Friday) I will be one of many other bloggers doing an H&M gift card giveaway that you won’t want to miss. I hope you can come by and join in.
Until then how do you style Kimono’s for the winter weather?

Outfit Details: Kimono: The Mint Julep Boutique (sold out)// Necklace: H&M//Boots: Dansko’s (gift)//Long Sleeve tee: Merona (via Target)//Leggings: Old Navy.

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