DIY Busy Bags (for busy toddlers & preschoolers) part 2 and Busy Bag Swap


Months ago I posted a post titled “DIY Busy Bags (for busy toddlers and preschoolers),” (read post here) (pin here). Well today I am going to introduce you to a few more DIY busy bag ideas to help your toddler or preschooler with fun filled DIY learning games and activities. I will also fill you in on what each task helps your child in developmentally (motor, cognitive, etc.,)

Before I begin filling you in on the different activities I must let you know that all that you see here was not my original idea, but instead that of other pinners on Pinterest. These crafts were handmade by me at our local library “DIY busy bag” event months ago. I will include a pin of each activity as I go along.

The first DIY activity I would like to introduce you too is the “Go fishing” activity. (You can view the pin here to read up on this activity). This craft unlike the pin is made up of paper fish rather then felt fish. Basically, all you do is take two fish template cutouts, sandwich paper clips in between them, glue and then attach a magnetic washer or magnet onto a stringed straw or wooden stick to use to fish the fish up. You can view my results below as well as view my two year old son playing the game.

1558592_10101067380018993_6208334346329169232_n 10311765_10101067380023983_198812527501492717_n

This activity is great for eye hand coordination, patience, and counting fish. You could introduce different colored fish, maybe fish of different sizes. This is the perfect activity for toddlers and a great way to introduce subtracting or take away to your preschooler.

The second DIY busy bag activity I would like to introduce is the foam shaped lacing activity. All you do is make a template of a fish, house or other object and then trace this template onto foam and cut out the foam. I choose to do a butterfly. Next hole punch the shape all around, find some yarn and you can begin learning to lace (or your child that is).



I modified this activity by adding tape to the end of the yarn to help with pulling the string in and out of the holes easier. You can find the pin to this activity here. I find this activity great for eye-hand coordination, patience and fine motor.

My third and last busy bag craft is felt chain links.  This activity only requires different colored cut out strips of felt with opposite Velcro pieces on the font and back of each strip at the tip. My 5 year old enjoys this activity, my 2 year old son tries this activity but gets bored with it quick.

10687101_10101067380143743_4050765533386318954_n 10646961_10101067380009013_7180182243516798364_n

This activity is good for patterns, color recognition, counting strips linked and finally fine motor. You can find this pin here.

I hope you learned or were inspired by some new activities here or maybe got some ideas on what you want to work on with your toddler or preschooler. I have a few more “DIY Busy Bags” to blog about in the near future so I hope you can join in on that with me. Once again you can find these pins in the “Busy Bags” board of my Pinterest account here.


Now let’s see what kind of “busy bags” you can create! Today, I am excited to be partnering up with Keri of Living In This Season for a fun “Busy Bag Swap” opportunity. What this means is that Keri and I will have a sign up for anyone interested to participate in making two different busy bags to send to another blogger, a “swap”. What we would like to encourage you to do is make 2 of the busy bags for yourself and duplicate these to send to your matched up blogger, that way you have two that you made and then can share 2 more.  Once the teamed up bloggers have their 2 busy bags then there will be a designated day to show off what  busy bags were received in a post. If you are interested in signing up for this swap then e-mail Keri your name, blog URL, names and ages of your children so that matches can be made before the announced match up date of Monday, March 2 (or next Monday). Her e-mail address is The announcement of matched up bloggers will be made on the blog next Monday (March 2) and by e-mail. The Busy Bags must be mailed by Friday, March 13th and on Monday, March 30th Keri and I will host a link up so you can link up your busy bag swap posts. Age range for busy bags must be between the 1-5 years of age. Need more ideas on busy bags then there is always (just type Busy Bags for toddlers, preschoolers or Kindergarteners) or visit my previous Busy Bag post for ideas here, or my Busy Bags pinterest board here.

Thank you for dropping by today and considering a Busy Bag swap opportunity that will be fun for your kids, nieces, nephews, grand kids, neighbors kids, etc.,


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