If only I had known in high school

*This post is a sponsored post,compensation was given in exchange of a review; however all opinions are 100% mine and not that of the sponsor.

My husband and I often talk about how or what we thought our high school prom might have been like, but alas neither one of us went to our proms due to various reasons. I just was anti-social but really dreamed about the perfect dress if I had gone to mine; However working a part time job at the time didn’t allow for the expensive price tag on a dress worn one night, with perhaps friends or a date I wouldn’t have for life, until now.For every girl in high school, or to any girl you might know looking for a cheap prom dress I can’t wait to show you an option I just discovered and that is affordable prom dresses of ihomecoming. This retail site specializes on cheap prom dresses that you can customize by size, color and even have tailored as needed to fit your needs.

There are so many lovely options it was hard for me to choose what color and style I liked the best. I decided to go with dresses that could be considered versatile or worn to several fancy events even after prom so that the dollar amount spent would feel worth more then even one night. I came up with two dresses that I loved:

This Glamourous A-line Bateau Floor Length Beading Prom Dress has such a Grecian goddess look to it that I just love. The shearness of the chiffon full length skirt and gold toned beading make this dress not only elegant for prom but for a wedding event or day or night on a beach as the life of the party.
Secondly, I also love this Graceful Short Sleeves Floor-Length Pearls Jewel Neck Mermaid Prom Dress as I love the flowy tail of the skirt and the versatility of the beaded top.

With iHomecoming selling such glamorous cheap dresses for prom I wish I had known about this site before my junior and senior high school prom. I hope you find a gem for yours!


15 thoughts on “If only I had known in high school

  1. Two great choices – and so different from one another. I actually went to my highschool prom – with my now husband! Even though we weren’t dating at the time (just good friends). We didn’t get together as a couple until years later, but now I can say I married my prom-date, lol!
    Maybe you should buy a “fancy” dress and go out somewhere beautiful with your hubby for a private prom some day.
    Have a great day!

  2. I wish I had known about this site! James and I went together but we didn’t really care for it all. Maybe we’re just crazy, but going to the beach the next day was a lot more fun and waaaay cheaper! πŸ˜‰

    ❀ Missy

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