Why I am making the switch

Happy Hump Day! I can’t believe the week is halfway over with already, where has time gone? I normally don’t post on Wednesdays or even Fridays for that matter, but there are just so many things to post about as my time with this little blog dwindles that I want to post as much as I can. If you missed it in yesterdays post (here) I will be making the switch from here to my own blog domain. There are many reasons why and so today I plan on highlighting a list of why I am making the switch.
I have read recently that many bloggers are switching from blogger to wordpress etc, or some bloggers choose to use this time of the year to redesign their spaces, I guess this is all a sort of “spring cleaning” for bloggers, a new change for a new year. For me, this is my year. After blogging for a year and some months I have really been contemplating having my own domain apart from the garaytreasures.wordpress.com until now. You see my follow readers, this blog that you are reading on now (the .wordpress.com) is a free wordpress hosted blog site not self hosted which means I am limited to what I can or have been doing and ENOUGH is ENOUGH. In real world terms I am suffering on this little space and NEED my own.
Some things I cannot do on this free WORDPRESS hosted blog:
-I am out of storage space allotted to me for images, so I have to go back to older posts I don’t care about and delete images or icons just to add some pictures to newer posts, like this one.

-You know when you enter giveaways on other blogs and you can normally see the widget or image for the entries. Not here! Giveaway rafflecopters with wordpress hosted can only be viewed by clicking on the link Rafflecopter link provided.  In the past when I collaborated with a company to giveaway a giftcard this was a concern for them and I nicely told them I had no control over it, but I appreciate their frustration as it frustrated me too.

– When I host my Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me link up on Tuesdays, readers have to click on the cute little frog in-linkz button to be directed to the link up page, the link ups don’t appear directly onto my page and this has been a issue with some bloggers I believe.

-People who may be searching for my blog on search terms may forget to add the .wordpress.com and just give up. I would like for them to have it easy with just remembering garaytreasures.com, granted they can remember to spell garaytreasures.


Let’s be honest some bloggers want to make a little money off their blog with affliate links and such and I can’t or not as easily and here is why:

-Affliate sites turn me down because they don’t want to pay out compensation to a blogger on FREE wordpress blogs.

– It is against free wordpress hosted blogs to have up advertisements or shops on my page, yet they make money off of my blog with surprise advertisements they choose to have up.  I am not allowed to earn money from blogging according to wordpress basically.

I am sure there are many more but these were all I could think of and pet peeves of mine so I hope you learned a little about my frustrations with being free.

Outfit details: Sun hat: Walmart//Tassel Necklace: Walmart//Dress: gift//Flip Flops:  Marshalls//Sunglasses: Target.

What do you like or not like about your blog? Do you have any tips for me as I venture on to my own domain? Please leave me a comment below and let me know. 

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21 thoughts on “Why I am making the switch

  1. Thanks for your thorough post. I am seeing more and more people moving to either self-hosting or from blogger to wordpress. You look fantastic today. I adore the hat. Ready for Summer already, hmm?

  2. Interesting because I have had a few random people encourage me to switch from blogger to wordpress. It doesn’t sound like there are any benefits to it. I own my domain but probably should check into a self hosted site at some point. I can’t wait to see your new blog design! And your outfit is adorable! Love the maxi and hat!

    Doused In Pink

  3. Great reasons for making the switch! I haven’t had many issues with blogger so far, though someone made a comment about blogger being for amateurs or something, which maybe I am… ha… anyways! Good luck with the switch.

  4. I bought my own domain on WordPress, after having Blogger for 3 weeks and hating it. It was the best decision. I’s not cheap, but I love having total control over my site. I actually just renewed for another year! I didn’t realize how many restrictions the free WordPress had. I think you’ll love the switch 😉



  5. Finally made it over here! First of all, you look adorable and great photos!

    Interesting read, as I had always heard wonderful things about WordPress. I do own my own domain, but it is powered through Blogger. Not quite ready to move completely on my own yet. Anyway, I have had nothing but good experience with Blogger (from what I’ve read the current version is a far cry from what it started out as), so haven’t felt a real need to become a self-hosted site. I completely understand your frustration, as it seems it truly is limiting your potential. Looking forward to seeing the next stage for Garay Treasures!

  6. I own my own domain, but use blogger. I really like blogger, but have thought about moving to WordPress under my own domain. I use Flickr to store my images and then use a link to display them on my blog… I used to use Photobucket, but prefer Flickr. Wow, it sounds like you were being limited, I bet you can’t wait to break out of the shell and enjoy some freedom!! Oh, and I always wondered why your link up had that weird button, now I know! Interesting!!

  7. That’s interesting because I was thinking about switching from Blogger to WordPress as they offer much better SEO features as well as more freedom in layouting.
    As for your lack of webspace: You could simply use a third party to host your images (Flickr, Photobucket etc.).
    But I can see you are determined to get your own little piece of the interwebs and that’s fine 🙂
    I however would be afraid because without the Blogger or WordPress templates it can be a mess to do the web design. At least that’s how I imagine it to be.
    Will you do all the coding yourself and set up a completely new and “homemade” blog layout? It always frustrates me to do the web design as I am not a professional.
    It would be interesting to read about your blog move! Tell us more! 🙂

  8. Cute style! So proud of how you are growing your blog following. This will be a good move for you. Also, thanks for always including me in your Tuesday posts. I hope to become more active with the link-ups. We bloggers have to stick together.

  9. I’ve been debating making the switch to self-hosted (I’m on blogger right now) and it just feels like such a big move! But a lot of your reasons apply to blogger as well. I just like the idea of having control over what I’m creating 🙂

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