Goodbye and Hello to my new blog

Hello everyone! Well the time has finally come and my (new) blog is here. I kept my old name (garaytreasures) since that is who I am and what I have become known as. I am still going to post several times weekly on fashion, my family and faith as well as bring back my weekly “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me” link up and host a monthly themed fashion link up with several other fashionistas beginning next Wednesday, April 15 (more details to come on my new blog).

To those who have read this blog or followed it, thank you so much for all of your support of this space in the big cyber world known as the internet. You have all been such an encouragement to me, and God has blessed me tremendously through this blog. However, now I am ready for the next BIG step and journey through my own blog domain. So without further adieu I hope you will check out my new blog and follow me via subscribing to my e-mail there along with follow along on social medias (if you aren’t already that is).

Thank you again and enjoy the new blog.

God Bless,


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