Inspired By Gods Promises

Happy Tuesday! Normally on Tuesdays I post my weekly link up “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me.” Well because my blog is due to be switched later this week or weekend I held off on this link up until the switch was made to my own self hosted site. Today is a bit different as I wanted to highlight how God has inspired me through His word.



Recently I have been encouraged with reading some of my favorite fashion or mommy bloggers begin to do posts on their faith and I found it as a reminder of how this world or our blogs are not just about us but about Him (God) as well. I know I am guilty of getting caught up in social media, collaborating with tons of bloggers or a few boutiques and loosing sight of what blogging is about and originality, things learned, thoughts, etc. There are many blog topics I can’t wait to disclose as some things are dear or hurtful to me that I want to form and publish but don’t know quite how yet. I thought I would start with this one, and let you in on what I find neat about God’s promises and how I can apply it.


In my Bible reading time at night before bed, I am guilty of quickly reading God’s word and going to bed, with barely a prayer of thanks for the day or telling God how I really feel. Lately, though I have felt a tug to be authentic with God and just ask Him to show me things (mainly in His word and my attitude) and what he recently revealed was 2 Samuel chapter 7 where King David is  talking with Nathan the prophet and concerned about living in a cedar palace whereas the Ark of the covenant of God remained in a tent (not a palace or temple). To which God reveals some words to Nathan the prophet saying there was no need for something to be built for the ark, that the ark and God have moved with the Israelites without need of a “cedar house” all along. God then further reveals to David (through Nathan) that David was chosen to be ruler over Israel and that God would not allow enemies to harm him and that his offspring would be blessed and (check this) “…I will raise up your offspring to succeed you, who will come from your own body and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever. He is the one who will build a house for my Name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever. I will be his father and he will be my son…” [2 Samuel 7:12-14].

What God is saying here is that He has always been with David and the Israelites and that He would raise from Davids offspring Jesus Christ to establish a house and throne in God’s name and kingdom forever. What I find inspirational is that David was concerned for not having a “cedar house” for Gods Ark, yet God had MUCH BIGGER plans for the future kingdom. I love how God promises his presence to David, his sovereignty, his protection, blessings and His own son through Davids offspring.

Sometimes I think I am like David in that I am “too concerned” or “not concerned enough” on how God loves me or cares for me. That perhaps I should do “this” when God only requires “that” if I would just listen and remain in His promises for ME. I may never know what God has in store for me but I do know He promises to be with me, to bless me, not allow his enemies to strike me and use me to further His kingdom.

Thank you for reading my inspirational thoughts for today, if you have any thoughts just let me know in the comments below.

Rachel xo

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Garay Treasures

Happy Thursday! Today’s post is inspired by the name of this blog. For the past few weeks I have just been on “blogger burnout” and getting discouraged left and right. Many of you have just been so comforting in reminding me that”Comparison is a thief” and Jill of even left a comment that stood out above the rest (sorry guys) and that was

“I’m sorry you had a tough week! It’s so hard sometimes not to compare yourself to others in the blogging world and in real life. Take a step back and look at all that you have and what you have accomplished!”

It is better said than done but I just keep taking in her comment and relishing in the truth of it. We will always be comparing ourselves, to bloggers, other moms, women, friends, students when really we just have to be ourselves. This blog was started with a passion for my faith, family and fashion and while it has grown to be more of a fashion blog I wanted to just take some time and focus on what this blog started out being about and go from there: my faith in God and family, hence “Garay Treasures.”
Every Sunday just about after church my kids love to get up on the roof of our van, sort of as a “good job at church” treat. (we let them stay up there for a couple of minutes but they love it).
My beautiful daughter (a twin to Max) and her daddy (my hubby of course)- I hope you don’t mind the messy bathroom.

My son Max (twin to Elizabeth) bunched up in a pillowcase.

Nevaeh’s classic photogenic face
Xander and Max (I just adore their smiles).
IMG_0050My handsome boys (Xander and hubby).

Here is a list of some of my accomplishments since blogging:

-Starting “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me” series which then led into a weekly link up for every Tuesday where I also feature my favorite 5 bloggers that linked up the week before, and in which you can still link up to here.

-Starting a “Style Collaboration” with other bloggers here and there where myself and another blogger (or bloggers) style a similar or same item. Hint: there is another style collaboration and giveaway this coming Monday. See others in the links provided: Faux Fur Vest; Christmas Wear; Mustard Cardigan.

-working and collaborating with various brands or bloggers

-Meeting like minded bloggers who just pour into my spirit or that have similar passions.

– followers have been growing in leaps and bounds here and there along with page views.

-My hubby and I saved money to get a Cannon Rebel EOS 500 DSLR camera for better quality photos.

– Saved some money to begin meeting with a graphic designer to make the switch from wordpress hosted to self-hosted blog. (Nervous and excited about this- but the name will remain the same Garay Treasures).

There are many more, but these are the few I am  PROUD of.

I want to thank many of you for following along with me and for being there for me, you guys are the best. I hope this post reveals my treasures and that I can come back to this when I am feeling discouraged as this is what it is all about, these are my treasures.

Rachel xo
Garay Treasures

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Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me link up #11

Happy Veterans day! Today my hubby has taken time off work and we are heading to a few restaurants or little shops for free deals since he is a veteran and to just spend some time as a family. Now to figure out where to eat?!
It is just awesome to see that I am presenting my 11th post of this series “Bloggers Who have Inspired Me” just AWESOME! I thank you ALL who have come by and either read, linked up and/or followed. In case you are new I have been posting this link up on Tuesdays along with my favorite or inspiring 5 bloggers that linked up from the previous week. This past Tuesday I took a break from the link up since I had other commitments, and Halloween to deal with. So it is good to be back. I can’t wait for you to meet todays featured bloggers and of course to read your posts that you link up. Please follow the rules to linking up below and have fun. This link up will remain LIVE for two weeks.


Megan of delighted me with a post on her take on pumpkin picking in a grungy fall style. This look definitely reminded me of the fashion of the 90’s which is A-OK in my book. See the original post here, and get a peak at how cute her girls are too.


I will admit when I opened Carries post about “Pumpkin Picking Outfit” my eyes just dropped to this look, of course I read the rest of the post but I REALLY enjoyed this outfit on her. The long sweater, cute infinity scarf and boots I would just love to have in my closet right now just resonated my for now dream look. Yes! I am on the hunt for a sweater just like Carries in a grey or caramel color so I will live vicariously through her for now. You look lovely Carrie thank you for the inspiration. You can read her post here.
PicMonkey Collage

Jill of and Susan of @charminglucy did a “Two Ways to Style a Graphic Tee” post and I just loved their take and different styles  with the same tee that I HAD to share these with you. Jill styled hers with a maxi skirt, while Susan styled hers in mixed prints. I just love how casual these look as well as how simple everyday wearing outfits these are. I also wanted to feature these ladies and their collaboration because I have secretly wanted to do the same thing (style a piece of clothing with another blogger) but haven’t come up with something yet, but I have someone in mind for the spring. You can view their original posts here (Jills) and here (Susans). *If you are interested in future style collaborations let me know in the contact tab above. Thanks*


Marta of linked up a look a lot like Carries above only I just loved the  grey skinny pants and flats- this is definitely my go to look in real life. I also have grey skinny jeans on my wishlist and have for half a year now so I just loverd Martas’. You can view the original post here.


Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 9_19_04 PM
Becky of posted a quite thoughtful post on encouragement for women who have or know someone who has gone through miscarriages, loss of a child, struggles of getting pregnant, etc. As an expectant mother to her third right now she is writing in awareness that sometimes it might be rough for some people to hear this wonderful news. I read her post in tears because I myself have been there with a miscarriage and so has she. I was so encouraged by her words and thoughtfulness. I hope you can check the post out here.

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Garay Treasures
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Girls (moms) night out

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was wonderful and I will tell you why in a bit, but first I wanted to show you my latest obsession- this Zara plaid blanket scarf.

I believe it is DEFINITELY my new favorite scarf. It is warm and so versatile, I just can’t get enough of it.
I have already pinned a million (well not quite a million) ways to wear it too on pinterest. I cannot wait to style this scarf in multiple ways. Now on to my weekend and girl or mom talk.

I have come to learn that in every mom or wifes life there comes a time where you just want to be free of responsibilities or kids, this past Friday night it happened. For four hours I was kid-less and chose this time to spend with two of my sisters shopping. It was glorious to laugh at the wittiness and attitudes of my sisters (both speak their mind to much), as oppose to my shy personality. The quality time and good deals were also a plus.
Lately, I have been learning that moms often times feel guilty to have alone- enjoyment time, am I alone in this? I brought up this question to a group of other moms or single women alike at church the other night in Bible study and found I wasn’t alone. Even if you are not a mom, I also learned years ago that sometimes even wives with or without children need separation from the stress of life and just do things for self. Examples might be going to get a facial, go for a long drive, soak with a book and candles in a warm bath etc. I have been taking a few more hot baths lately, online shopping when I can because I have learned that I need to treat myself or the old saying comes true “If momma ain’t happy nobody is happy.”
Before I get to the details of the outfit I wore above for my girls night out. I would like to share some links of other blogging friends of mine and their take on taking a break as a mom. I enjoyed these and I hope you will too.
Keri shared on how to start a habit each week of self-care in some form, and shared encouragement on this. You can find her post here.
Keri also shared on how important it is to make time with friends without kids and some ideas on what to do with friends, like coffee, shopping, a painting or craft night, etc,. Read the post here.
Elizabeth took time away from kids, phone and social media to enjoy a good hard copy book, coffee and making short term and long term goals. Read her post here.

What are some things you do for a girls night out? What do you like to do to treat yourself?

Outfit details: Blanket scarf: Zara//Earrings: ALDO//Bracelett: gift, thrifted//Coat: Merona (via Target, old)//Pants: St. Johns Bay (old)//Shoes: Merona (via Target, old)//Purse: Merona (via Target, old).

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