Goodbye and Hello to my new blog

Hello everyone! Well the time has finally come and my (new) blog is here. I kept my old name (garaytreasures) since that is who I am and what I have become known as. I am still going to post several times weekly on fashion, my family and faith as well as bring back my weekly “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me” link up and host a monthly themed fashion link up with several other fashionistas beginning next Wednesday, April 15 (more details to come on my new blog).

To those who have read this blog or followed it, thank you so much for all of your support of this space in the big cyber world known as the internet. You have all been such an encouragement to me, and God has blessed me tremendously through this blog. However, now I am ready for the next BIG step and journey through my own blog domain. So without further adieu I hope you will check out my new blog and follow me via subscribing to my e-mail there along with follow along on social medias (if you aren’t already that is).

Thank you again and enjoy the new blog.

God Bless,


The Mommy Hook Review & Giveaway

Recently I was introduced to a lifesaving accessory called *The Mommy Hook from
This Hook is a carabiner that can be used to hold several items at once and at the most convienent times. As a mom of four (three being toddlers) it is almost hard to get around lugging a purse, diaper bag and other items, such as grocery bags in a cart with three babes occupying most of the space.



I was impressed when I used this contraption while grocery shopping and it made the packing of grocery bags so much easier as I didn’t have to worry about my toddlers squishing groceries, figuring out where bags go on the cart, etc. The Mommy Hook did the holding for this job, and did it well with more space allotted for more groceries and while also holding my purse. That is four grocery bags and my gigantic purse to be exact, and as you can tell in the picture above there was room for more bags.


Our triple stroller has barely any extra room save a tiny compartment underneath that only holds maybe diapers, and smaller items so when I tried the hook on the rail of the stroller to hold my purse and diaper bag I was pleased. Bingo! Life is easy, as I normally have to carry my purse and diaper bag on my shoulders with the stroller in use.

In the past I used cheaper carabiner type hooks for purposes such as these, but they were not as durable or heavy duty as The Mommy Hook, and would only last a setting or two before breaking under such pressure. The Mommy Hook has been by far the best I have used and biggest. I guarantee you will like it as well which is why the shop for The Mommy Hook is wanting to giveaway 2, that’s right 2 hooks to two lucky winners in the Rafflecopter Link below.

Be sure to follow The Mommy Hook on facebook and enter to win below. Goodluck! The winner will be notified by myself in 7 days and then contacted directly by the company once the winners verify their prizes.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*A Mommy Hook was provided to me in exchange for a review of the Mommy Hook. This product and post is 100% my opinion and not that of The Mommy Hook company. Thank you for supporting my sponsors.

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Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me #7 and NEW Link-up

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Hello everyone and welcome to another addition to the series of “Blggers Who Have Inspired Me” see the others here here, here, here and here and here.  This is a series where I pick a selected group of posts from different bloggers (sometimes multiple times from the same bloggers) and feature the bloggers and their posts on here so that 1). they get featured for their talent, creativity, inspiration, etc  2). So that you get to meet new bloggers and hopefully be inspired yourself.

Today this addition will continue as the others but with a new added feature- a link up. What I want to do is allow you to link up a recent post of yours to the link up and once the link up is finished I will select 2-4 posts that were linked to be featured for the next part in the series. If you have already been featured in this series before, link up as well as you might be featured again. I only ask that you follow the rules at the bottom of this post under the button. Now on to the bloggers that are featured today.


Many people don’t know this but I have an appreciation for vintage and retro pieces whether in fashion, décor or collectibles.   I also liked working with (a clothing company) in the past so when I saw that my blogging friend Amber of had eShakti and retro combined into one I was in awe.

f IMG_1576 (2) u

I just adore the length of this midi retro looking skirt on Amber and if you visit the original post here and look at the photos I am sure it would make you want to stroll with her down memory lane (if you remember the retro days that is). Either way I know I was inspired to look for a cute midi skirt or skater skirt and tag along with her. Aside from the retro looking skirt I like the modern day touches she added to it from the baubled pearl layered necklace to the soles of a fine heeled. Amber has much more in store for fashion and a secret opportunity opening up soon so be sure to check out her blog and follow her t find out what that is I am beyond excited for her already.

Pregnancy Fashion:

How to hide a Baby Bump, well Ashley of post intrigued me by the title. You know those moments when you have no idea someone is pregnant til bam they are nearing their second or even third trimester well that my friends is Ashley. She concealed her pregnancy for a LONGG time and  I kid you not I just sort of happened upon her Instagram one day and surprise! In her post here she gives you tips on how to hide your pregnancy, if you are indeed trying to keep your current or future pregnancy a secret for longer. Ashley inspired me because we had to hide our son Alexanders’ pregnancy until 25 weeks along (long story, e-mail me if you want an explanation). Ashley’s post definitely gave me some future ide as well as remind me of what I went through to hide.



If you are a fashion or trend appreciator or blogger then you know that lately graphic tees an especially ‘Wife” tees have become the”trendy” item, yet they can be pricey. I recently saw Carrie of come up with her own DIY sequined wife tee an becme inspired by her efforts, creativity and chic looking top (see her post here). I also love her “no breaking bank” efforts and how it turned out. If you appreciate fashion, DIY, mmmy stuffad recipes then check out her blog and co-hosted “What Wives Wear” link up on Thursdays.

Add this button or this post URL link to your post, follow the rules (below) and then link-up:

Rules of the link up are as follows:

1). Please link up recent posts and include the link up button or post this URL link back on your blog. The posts can be about fashion, DIY projects, recipes, inspiration, tips, etc.

2). Please follow your host Rachel of Garay Treasures either by Bloglovin, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter or all.

3). Stop by and check out the other bloggers who have linked up and be inspired.

4).Depending on how many link up I will feature 2 or more bloggers and their posts for my next “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me” link-up or series.

5). Have fun! Comment below if you have any questions! Thanks for linking up!

Tour through blog land

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I am honored that Becky of bybmg blog has recently nominated me for a participation in the new “Tour Through Blog Land” you may have been reading or hearing about. I love Becky, we have become blogging buddies and her blog is probably one of the first blogs I read daily. I love getting outfit style inspirations from her, recipes, and more. If you want to read more about her “Tour Through Blog Land” experience and learn more about her, click here.

 Now to the questions I was asked to fill you in on:

1) What am I working on?- Currently, I am working on just random posts weekly.  I post 2 to 3 times a week (normally on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays) but sometimes life gets chaotic being a stay at home mom to 4 kids and I do what I can. I am currently working on putting together my next “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me” series (see past ones here,here, here, here and here and here) and would like to do a monthly link up with this series in the near future and feature those bloggers that have inspired me through the link-up. For now I am working out the details (how to create  a button for the link up, advertise it, etc., so stick around so you can link up. I also have two mommy fashion loving ladies who will be presenting themselves to you through my “Featured Blogger Moment” series (see past featured bloggers Amber and Becky

2) How does my work differ from others in it’s genre? I like to post on my weekend outfits, life updates, my family and things that inspire me.  I like to brag about other bloggers whom I love and appreciate (hence the “Blogger’s Who Have Inspired Me” series and “Featured Blogger Moments” series. I also have been told that I an “honest and encouraging blogger” as I try to be real and share when life is good and bad rather than seeming fake. I also wear a lot of thrifted or vintage items from my closet in my outfit posts, adding a touch of new items here and there but I like to shop my closet and remix items in my wardrobe.

3) Why do I write/create what I do?- I like to write because its a creative outlet for me and it’s a way for me to b half way social as  I don’t get out much with 4 kids and I am shy around large groups of people. Sometimes I tink blogging is a release of hidden emotions, thoughts or creativity and I just have to let it out. I also like the responses I get from my readers or companies that want to collaborate with me. (See my collaborate & review policy here).div>

4) How does my writing/creating process work?- As I mentioned above I blog when I can, normally at nighttime and posts get published on Monday’s, Tuesdays (or Wednesdays if not Tuesday) and Thursdays. I don’t follow a set schedule, however certain link ups or certain outfits inspire my posts or the content I blog about.

There are some bloggers I follow that I can’t get enough inspiration and encouragement from. These lades are real, honest and uplifting at times, therefore I have nominated them to participate in the Tour Throuh Blog Land and they will post around September 30th.

1). Sammi of Beautiful Dreamer Blog

2). Whitney of

Whitney James is a proud Baltimore native and is the creator of the Life & Style blog, Whitney Nic James. A self proclaimed thrifting aficionado and crazy pageant sister, Whitney’s goal is to motivate women and help them create an affordable, stylish & inspiring lifestyle. Living by her father’s motto, “Dare to be Different”, Whitney resides in Columbia, MD with her husband and strives to live each day with purpose.

3). Amber of Fashion Floss and Lipgloss blog
“Hi, I’m Amber from Fashion, Floss and Lip Gloss! Aside from being a mom, wife and dental hygienist (among other titles!) I decided over a year ago to begin blogging as my creative outlet by sharing my outfits and style and beauty tips!

I don’t think style should have to be sacrificed due to a budget – and I believe that what you wear affects how you feel. I’m all about affordable style that also displays confidence! I blog dressy and casual looks that I actually wear in my real life.

I love encouraging other women to be the best version of themselves and hope to inspire everyone to shine from the inside out!”

The day I met a boy

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Five years ago I went out on my first date with this boy. I typed out a HUGE post about how we met too, when wordpress decided not to save anything even after hitting the save button a million times. I guess I need to back everything I type in a word document until I can figure out whats going on. So please bare with me.

But until then here is a short summary of how we met:
We met at a church picnic (I thought he was a hunk, had heard of him before but thought he was dating someone else-wrong! We hit it off well).

I asked him out a week later after he gave me his number at church

Our first date was Monday August 3, 2009. We got coffee, played putt putt golf and went on a small hike. I kissed him on our first date.
We dated for 3 months and got engaged.
The engagement was 8 months long and then we married.
To the boy I met five years ago- I love you Chantry!!!!

Come back tomorrow to enter an UHHH-MAZING giftcard giveaway and read some “Back t School Ideas” that 11 other bloggers and myself are hosting. You won’t want to miss it.

Rachel xo

Blogger’s Who Have Inspired Me #6

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I acknowledge that it has been awhile since my last “Blogger’s Who Have Inspired Me” series, see the others here, here, here and here and here. But it is ALOT of work to find what actually inspires me, gather up the info, e-mail the ladies and take the time to compile the post. I have toyed with the idea of more featured blogger moments (read Ambers and Becky’s) or a link up and then featuring my favorite post(s). Any input will be nice?!

Anyhow, Hopefully you will be inspired today, some how. With the permission of these bloggers to share their posts and blogs I am THRILLED to finally share these with you. If you see a post from one or all of them that you like feel free to follow them or link up to their link-ups as I am sure they would be most appreciative of this gesture 🙂


I am a big fan of Ada and her daughter Vivian and read her blog as often as I can (almost daily). Many months ago she posted this lace tee and plaid/red skirt combo and I was hooked. This is definitely my favorite look on Ada. There is a mix of classy, sexy and edgy all in one outfit. She definitely inspires me to try a edgy but feminine look.



Visit the post here to read more. *Sorry Ada this is months late, as I told you months ago I wanted to feature this. Your’e a doll and so patient xoxo.


A while back, Whitney posted about using the gifts God has given you and not only figuring out what those are and accomplishing them, but to continuously use them. (see post here)When you use the gifts God gives you, you are giving back to Him. Some of Whitney’s gifts included her love for writing, thrifting and creativity beyond her blog.  Hence coming up with Nics Picks where she sells thrifted and vintage items while blogging and styling other ladies. She is continuously growing and using her gifts and waiting for more of what God has in store for her.


She inspired me to take a look at my own gifts. Am I using them to the fullest? Now as I type this, I am not so sure. I love writing, but all I write on now is my blog or facebook, maybe my planner occasionally. But could I be doing more of it to uplift people, help myself, as a way to communicate to God, like a letter to Him.  I love to teach, but some past failures/hurts haunt me and having 4 kids now doesn’t allow for much substituting or a full time job. I teach at church to fulfill this need but could I be more passionate about it? These are gifts I need to pray and ask God to show me how to best use, and with the attitude for using these gifts to ultimately give back to him.


You may think that calling this category ‘permission or inspirational’ is weird but here is my reason why: we need to give ourselves grace, and give ourselves permission to do so. I have always heard one of my best friends Katie talk about needing grace and God’s grace daily as she parents and faces faults or weak areas, but I never quite understood what she was actually telling me. When I read Keri’s post called It’s Ok Dear Mama (read entire post here) I knew right away that God was wanting to show me what grace actually looks like as a mom and past teacher/student, through Keri’s words.


“So I urge you today, as you stare at the piles of laundry, step on Cheerios, lose your patience… Give yourself some grace. You are an amazing mom dear one, you are raising some incredible kids. Let go of the guilt and let the grace flow in.” Keri Snyder

Wow that quote above could just make me cry each time I read it. I am not a perfect mom, or teacher but it is a GREAT feeling to know that God thinks of us as Amazing. Amazing mom’s, women, workers, aunts, or amazing at something that we don’t give ourselves grace for. Thank you Keri for such an inspirational post. (By the way, I teamed up with Keri and 11 other bloggers to bring you a neat “Back to School” idea feature and giveaway coming up on the blog soon, check back as we present it).

Thank you for inspiring me ladies and for responding to allow me to share YOUR ideas and posts. :). Until the next part in the series enjoy! and thanks for reading, let me know what you think!?!
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Celebrating 4 years of Marriage

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Today my hubby and I celebrate 4 years of marriage. Since it’s Wednesday and hubby works evening shift we will probably give each other a “Happy Anniversary baby,” throughout today but actually celebrate this coming weekend. There are lots of ideas up in the air, but a dinner is a must. I already have my outfit planned for this occasion. We will see.

I thought I would share with you some wedding photos and some about what I love about my hubby today, so that you get a glimpse of our special occasion and of him, and some highlights of our marriage.




61256_658474345283_8195041_n 61931_658475522923_6033317_n 58357_656288041653_3877326_n 61256_658474355263_7717758_n

I love you Chantry, thank you for all the love you give. I see how much you love me daily, even when I may not feel it at the time. You complete the parts of me where I am weakest or make these stronger. God knew what He was doing when He put us together, and I am grateful for that. You will always be my “Beu duke” that I fell in love with the day we first met. I love you “Mr, Sexy pants” Happy Aniversary my love!!!! Here’s to many more years together and until the end!

Some facts on our wedding day:

– he cried the entire ceremony he was so happy.

-we got married in our home church (and where we met). Our pastor officiated the wedding. 

– attendance was about 150, but we invited about 200. So good turnout.

 -we paid our church youth group as a fundraiser to help serve food during the luncheon afterwards.

– our wedding was under $2,000 (we hit up sales and people we knew for deals).

– the best man and other wedding party attendees filled the convertible car with balloons, but these were contained with siren wrap while the roof was down. When we left the church, bubbles blown and people cheering we were about to drive off when I was told the pastor would not allow balloons to be all over the parking lot/grounds (church was next day) so we couldn’t release all the balloons as we sped away. But a few got loose! It was surreal.
-after leaving the church his beat up Chevrolet convertible finally gave up the ghost on our way to our duplex and we had to hitch hike to our house. (Too funny).

-we ate out at a four star restaurant. My hubby changed back into his tuxedo to eat there and I just dawned on a pretty dress.

– we joined my cousin and a childhood friend at a local restaurant for drinks (even though we didn’t drink-well maybe a sip lol). It was fun to just sit with them and talk as my cousin is from NY and I hadn’t seen her for years.

– something I am proud of is that my hubby is my first. I am going to be bold and say that. Waiting for that special someone to share your life and bed with is worth the wait. I was glad we waited til the rings were on the fingers. It wasn’t easy, especially for him, but God is good.

Our Marriage thus far:

– we haven’t had a full fledged yell at eachother fight, although we have had disagreements or hurt each others feelings.

-we always forgive eachother even for the silliest things.

– we have to fight to keep date nights in order and “us” time when we can.

– God must be foremost in our lives, even when we don’t acknowledge it like we should sometimes. God is the perfect example of marriage-his love never fails.

– we have had to pray over our home, literally because 2 divorces that we know of happened with couples in the home before us. So any spirit of separation needed to be put in God’s hands.

-marriage takes work, prayer and sacrifice. Daily we must sacrifice our wants for realizing our needs or whats truly best.

Thank you for reading and sharing this day of celebration with us!~


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